13 questions with Charlie Puth

CNN caught up with the “How Long” singer for a round of rapid-fire questions, moments before he took the stage at completely new York City’s Conrad completely new York Hotel on Wednesday night.

Fear: Crowds. “I can’t be in a crowd in addition to watch a show nevertheless I can play to a crowd. the item’s a bit of a juxtaposition.”

Bucket list vacation: Hong Kong

First kiss: “I broke the mold early. I was 13 in addition to watching some sort of beach talent show in addition to a girl wrapped a scarf around my head in addition to gave me a peck.”

Movie night go-to: “Naked Gun”

Strangest habit: “I like to surprise myself with gifts purchased online. Sometimes I’ll be shopping at the wee hours of the morning in addition to I won’t remember what I bought in addition to a week later a bunch of stuff shows up in addition to I’m very excited.”

Words to live by: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a not bad time.”

If you weren’t a singer: Internal design

Relationship goals: If she makes me laugh that will would certainly be pretty cool.

Current tunes: Kanye West’s “Late Registration”

First thing inside morning: “I reach for my phone in addition to tell myself not to look at the item in addition to put on some music I’m not familiar with like Latin jazz.”

Can’t live without: My family.

Source : 13 questions with Charlie Puth