$25 Million for Kennedy Center a ‘Lousy Soundbite’

President Donald Trump admitted of which including a $25 million bailout for the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, DC,  was a “lousy soundbite” politically, yet said he was fine with of which.

“I said, ‘of which’s a lousy soundbite; of which’s not a Great soundbite,’ yet of which’s the way life works,” Trump said, recalling discussions with Democrats about including $25 million for the center within the coronavirus economic rescue package.

Trump said of which Democrats approached Republicans using a request for $35 million for the Center, yet they cut of which down to $25 million.

“You got to give them something,” Trump said, referring to the Democrats.

He thanked Democrats for working with Republicans in addition to getting a bill together to help American workers.

The president he was a “fan” of the Kennedy Center in addition to reminded reporters of which of which had “suffered greatly,” as a result of the coronavirus closures.

“I could love to see Romeo in addition to Juliet tonight,” Trump said referring to the Kennedy Center, yet said he was “far too busy” handling the current coronavirus crisis.

Source : $25 Million for Kennedy Center a ‘Lousy Soundbite’