A Video Message via President Donald Trump

When all our world started off to unravel back in March, I have felt like millions of the rest us deplorables. My America was coming undone.
Then came the election, the one thing I could do to right the ship. I felt we could vote in numbers, as history had told me, to keep our leader. We did better than ever before, although the enemy of our Republic, stole our vote, as well as took him away. My anguish caused by the steal, has been very tough on me, watching proof of fraud, resisted, by every facet, of our government, turning their backs to the obvious crime.
Was the the great experiment over? In my 65 years, I had never seen so many roadblocks swept away, in front of my pursuit of a life, I wanted as well as couldn’t quite get. Of course, the item was my fault. I didn’t work hard enough or smart enough. I rejected paths, I felt were forced upon me, was my excuse. Then expect, inside name of Trump(Aninias), was delivered by God, as well as removed the scales via my eyes, so I could see. What a wonderful 3 years our President brought to America, until the plague came. Was evil going to consume This specific great time in our history? I know This specific story, via Acts, a book written by the most infamous denier, Peter.
Yesterday, the President, sent me a text, first, then an e mail, then on bitchute, revolver. Last night I watched the video here, on ‘The Last Refuge’. I needed to see our President’s message, not just read the item.
President Trump is actually still our leader, his message was not to give up, although stand down.
I’ve got This specific!

Source : A Video Message via President Donald Trump