AAG Matt Whitaker Mentions Mueller Report….

Beware of hyped headlines. AAG Matthew Whitaker made some remarks today about the Robert Mueller probe “hopefully, being close to completed”. that will’s pretty vague. Watch:


The Mueller probe will end at the closely coordinated as well as pre-selected time when Mueller hands off his investigation to Elijah Cummings (WH oversight), Adam Schiff (HPSCI), as well as Jerry Nadler (Judiciary). that will timing looks to be around the end of February if current congressional witness schedules remain unchanged.

The timing will also be dictated by how the resistance view William Barr taking office. Keeping in mind the political pantomime has to build in some hype-time for congress to argue with DOJ (build a narrative) about Mueller’s report while media align that has a brand new found demand for DOJ transparency.

Source : AAG Matt Whitaker Mentions Mueller Report….