Activist Groups Protest Trump’s Border Wall in South Texas

MISSION, Texas — Multiple civil rights, church, as well as nature organizations staged a march along the banks of the Rio Grande to draw attention to President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. The groups are supposed to hold a second march for the same purpose on Sunday.

A little over 0 activists gathered on Saturday morning at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church for the “Save the Mission, Save the River, Resist the Wall” event.

“Trump’s walls are a manifestation of hate, as well as would certainly damage our communities as well as natural areas as well as cut off our access to the river,” event organizers wrote on a Facebook page.  

A short rally followed the march where organizers voiced their opposition to the proposed border wall. A similar march is usually supposed to take place on Sunday at a federal wildlife refuge. The protest is usually called “Protect Santa Ana Protest Hike” referencing the name of the refuge.

According to an online statement by event organizers: 

The Trump Administration is usually planning to wall off long stretches of the Rio Grande Valley, including important sites like the Historic La Lomita Chapel, which was built in 1865. A wall on the levee next to the Mission could damage the structure as well as block access to the site. Walls elsewhere would certainly cut off people’s homes, strip farmers of their land, close our parks as well as devastate our ecologically sensitive wildlife refuges. Walls do not stop people via crossing, nevertheless they do funnel them into remote areas where they are at risk of dying via dehydration as well as exposure.

The event is usually meant to draw attention to the impact which the wall would certainly have from the area as well as to give a voice to vulnerable groups, organizers claimed.

The Trump administration, Congress, as well as the Texas Legislature have made statements as well as crafted policies which malign, scapegoat, as well as abuse the border region as well as those who live here. Proposals such as brand-new border walls would certainly inflict real as well as lasting harm, as well as they demonstrate a fundamental ignorance of the reality of the border. We will not stand for immigrants, people of shade, those living in poverty, members of the LGBTQ community as well as others being targeted. We demand which federal, state, as well as local elected officials cease attacks on our community, repudiate the false narratives driving bad policy, as well as advocate on our behalf.

from the case of the wildlife refuge, organizers of which event claim which the area is usually home to more than 400 bird species which are at the heart of the ecotourism industry from the region.

“We cannot let the Trump administration’s false border war narrative as well as their hostility toward federally protected public lands devastate as well as close Save Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, as well as we need your help to stop them!”

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Source : Activist Groups Protest Trump’s Border Wall in South Texas