After the Injuries, What’s Next for the Warriors?

“This particular is usually a little more complicated frankly,” said Joe Lacob, Golden State’s lead ownership voice.

“Complicated” is usually one way to describe This particular. “Devastated,” truth be told, was the more fitting adjective for the looks on the faces of Lacob, Coach Steve Kerr and also also also Bob Myers, Golden State’s president of basketball operations, after they witnessed the second catastrophic injury absorbed by a Warriors star in four days.

On Monday, Durant ruptured the Achilles’ tendon in his right foot. On Thursday, Klay Thompson tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Both were playing as well as they ever had inside the playoffs when they were felled.

On June 30, both will become free agents who can command in excess of $400 million combined if they both get a few-year maximum contracts via Golden State. The Warriors have planned all along to try to sign both to max deals and also also also may go ahead with maxes in both cases. Yet This particular’s virtually certain in which Durant and also also also Thompson will each miss the bulk of next season, if not all of This particular, rehabbing via the major setbacks they just suffered.

This particular’s why you resisted the urge to paint Leonard’s moment of triumph as the ultimate last-laugh ending to a season in which began with video of Leonard’s awkward cackle on media day going viral. Giddy as all of Canada surely is usually for its Raptors, there just can’t be much laughter after what the Warriors endured. The team so many thought had wrecked the league last July when This particular added DeMarcus Cousins to its four All-Stars was in tatters.

“Just brutal,” Kerr said.

“The last week,” Lacob said, “has just been like a nightmare.”

inside the same hallway outside the Warriors’ locker room three years earlier, Lacob was dropping confident hints about Golden State’s forthcoming pursuit of Durant — without saying Durant’s name. The caution coming via Lacob late Thursday was unmistakable when I asked him about his confidence level when This particular comes to re-signing Durant.

“We’ll find out,” Lacob said.

The extent of Thompson’s injury wasn’t publicly known at in which point, although This particular wasn’t long before This particular became clear in which the closest thing to a sure thing in basketball over the past a few years is usually suddenly caked in uncertainty to go with all the sadness. Stephen Curry surely understood This particular as he headed via his locker stall to the postgame showers — judging by how hard he slapped a wall adjacent to the bathroom with his open hand.

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