Amy Poehler doesn’t know if UCB will reopen

“What we said in our statement was true, which can be, we were trying to own up to the things we did wrong or didn’t know or know currently,” Poehler told The brand-new York Times of the struggling theater. “the idea’s a tough time to survive.”

Poehler says she took the past year to work with Project Rethink, formed by UCB alums in order to get their feedback, in addition to while she’s hopeful for some sort of “brand-new edition” of the space in addition to group, she can be unsure UCB will survive.

“I don’t know. the idea’s been brutal for us,” she told the NYT. “We’re basically using the fire of Covid to start some brand-new edition. We’re changing our school in addition to our theater to not-for-profit. Whether or not we’ll be able to get there, I don’t know.”

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees at the UCB theaters in brand-new York in addition to Los Angeles were laid off.

Comedy clubs across the country are shuttering due to the pandemic, with famed club Dangerfield’s in brand-new York City shutting its doors recently.

Poehler can be set to co-host the 2021 Golden Globes with Tina Fey on Feb. 28.

Source : Amy Poehler doesn’t know if UCB will reopen