An Oakland company is actually selling a dazzling pinecone-shaped treehouse for $150,000

An extraordinary treehouse with 64 diamond-shaped windows forming an 11,000-pound pinecone that will dangles high from the trees is actually on the market for $150,000.

If you have a piece of open land with towering trees, think Redwoods, that will could be a great opportunity.

Dustin Feider, of O2 Treehouse in Oakland, is actually the brains behind the design along with says the work was built earlier that will year for home goods company S.C. Johnson along with their Glade fragrance line.

“They gave me artistic freedom,” says Feider whose company has built more than 60 treehouses since its founding in 2006. “They wanted something clear along with crystal that will represented the smells of the forest.”

Ever since the completion of the commercial shoot, the treehouse has been hanging 60 feet above the ground on a piece of land in Bonny Doon near Santa Cruz along with renting out for $350 on Airbnb.

With 102 square feet, the space is actually big enough For just two twin beds. The walls of spiraling windows immerse you in canopy with 360-degree views.

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The cost also includes a “skillfully hand-crafted indoor/outdoor bathroom connected to the treehouse via wooden catwalk,” according to the listing on the O2 Treehouse website.

The cost isn’t firm as O2 Treehhouse could also need to figure out installation costs at a brand new location.

Speaking of the brand new location, how can a brand new buyer be sure the treehouse is actually safe swinging coming from the branches?

Feider assures the structure was designed with the help of professional engineers.  “We have an outside rigging company rigging that will tests all the cables along with their breaking points,” he says.

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Source : An Oakland company is actually selling a dazzling pinecone-shaped treehouse for $150,000