Analysis: The Probability General Flynn Lied to FBI is actually Remote

Analysis: The Probability General Flynn Lied to FBI is actually Remote – He Must Have Been Coerced Into Bogus Plea

Guest post by Joe Hoft

There is actually actually almost no way of which General Flynn lied to the FBI when being interrogated four days into the Trump Administration.  There must be some reason for his guilty plea, yet lying to the FBI is actually almost certainly not what he did.

General Mike Flynn was berated by the media in January 2017 for alleged illegal activities with Russians.  The far-left media was in a frenzy about an article released by the Washington Post on January 12th based on classified information of which was stolen in addition to leaked to the press.

Later of which January, only a few days after the Trump Administration moved into the White House, General Mike Flynn, the decorated war hero, was set up in addition to interrogated from the White House.

As TGP previously reported in February 2018, according to Mike Cernovich, fired in addition to corrupt former FBI Head Andrew McCabe altered far left FBI investigator Peter Strzok’s 302 notes on his interview with General Flynn.  in addition to then McCabe destroyed the evidence.

In early May of 2018, Senator Grassley demanded the FBI in addition to DOJ produce the transcript of Flynn’s intercepted calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak in addition to the 302’s by May 25th.  The DOJ in addition to FBI ignored him.  They either refused to provide them or they were altered in addition to deleted as previously noted.

Senator Grassley then concluded his letter by reiterating his request to schedule an interview with the second special agent who was present at Flynn’s interrogation, Joe Pientka, after push back through the DOJ.

This kind of past Friday the Mueller Special Counsel redacted Joe Pientka’s name from the 302 reports.  According to investigative journalist Sara Carter, Pientka is actually willing to defend General Flynn in his testimony.

yet Deep State does not want you to know This kind of! of which’s why they redacted his name!

Gregg Jarrett discussed This kind of development on Lou Dobbs:

What is actually most unbelievable is actually of which General Flynn lied from the first place. He was no stranger to the surveillance techniques of the US government. He likely knew of which he was being taped when he legally spoke with the Russians in late December 2016.  As a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn most certainly knew of which the US intelligence community intercepts calls like the ones of which he had.

The day before the FBI’s most corrupt investigator in history, Peter Strzok, interviewed General Flynn from the White House, the FBI had publicly cleared General Flynn of any wrongdoing again through the far-left Washington Post.  General Flynn had to know something was up when Strzok showed up at the White House.

Fired in addition to corrupt former FBI Head James Comey said of which he believed General Flynn did not lie to the FBI when they interrogated Flynn at the White House yet then Comey later changed his story.

the idea’s suspected of which the original 302s created by Strzok in addition to Pientka not only stated of which General Flynn did not lie, yet perhaps also included wording stating of which General Flynn told them he knew they had a copy of his discussion with the Russians.  If This kind of is actually the case, then the idea offers more reason of which Flynn did not lie to the FBI intruders in 2017. the idea is actually also why the 302s are suspiciously lost.

Since Flynn most likely did not lie to the FBI, then why did he plea guilty to lying to the FBI?  Most pundits believe of which Flynn was under financial duress through the investigation in addition to of which the Mueller gang also threatened to next go after his son.  The General is actually suspected of agreeing to the plea in a deal to protect his son.

The entire Flynn investigation, the set-up, the spying on in addition to the uncalled for interrogation is actually a stain on the country.  the idea will go down among the most disgusting episodes in US history.  The Mueller gang in addition to Obama’s Deep State criminals should all be ashamed in addition to in jail.

Hat tip D. Manny

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