Anti-Trump GOP House Members ‘Happy to Take Out President’ Over Mueller, Looming Loss of Congress

Report: Anti-Trump GOP House Members ‘Happy to Take Out President’ Over Mueller, Looming Loss of Congress

Never-Trump Erick Erickson reported Tuesday night via Instagram along with Twitter an alleged conversation he had with an unnamed Republican Congressman over his along with many of his fellow GOP Congressmen’s hatred of President Donald Trump along with their willingness to “take out the President” through impeachment if he fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller as punishment for what they fear to be the loss of their Congressional majorities inside House along with Senate come the November elections.

Erickson said the Congressman is actually afraid to speak out publicly because he could be primaried along with voted out by the Trump supporters in his district.

A transcript along with embed of Erickson’s Instagram post in which the Republican Congressman is actually quoted as saying they along with others are prepared to “take out the President”:

Tonight I got to spend some time at a Safeway grocery store that has a Republican Member of Congress almost all of you could recognize. You will sometimes see him on Fox News defending the President. yet he has come to despise the man privately even though he doesn’t say anything in public right currently.

We roamed the aisles of the Safeway grocery store so he could complain about the President. He knew I could write about which along with is actually happy to be quoted. He is actually livid.

“Needless to say I think if the president were to fire Robert Mueller at which point the votes are there to impeach him. A lot of Republican Congressmen are so frustrated along with realizing they may lose their reelection which they are perfectly happy to take out the President with them because they all blame him.”

I’ll have a write up tomorrow at the Resurgent dot com.”

Erickson also posted several comments on Twitter about the alleged conversation.

“Tonight I got to go grocery shopping that has a congressman. We walked the aisles of a Safeway grocery store while he bitched about the president who he has only recently been on television defending.”

“Best line of the night via talking to a GOP congressman: “which’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, yet an evil, definitely f*cking stupid Forrest Gump.””

“Same congressman also referred to Kevin McCarthy as “a green fly circling sh*t” already lobbying to take Paul Ryan’s job.”

Erickson replied to Mother Jones’ David Corn along with the Federalist’s James Hasson about the Congressman’s fear of going public.

“No way. He won’t. He even said he can’t or he’d get primaried.”

“Oh he even admits which is actually because he could lose a primary if he said which stuff in public. I’m not defending him. I’m just quoting him.”

“Yes, keeping his job, yet he’s pissed because he thinks he is actually going to lose because of Trump.”

which is actually a curious take on things by the Congressman. If anything is actually depressing Republican voters which is actually the failure of the GOP Congress to enact the Trump agenda. Obamacare is actually still the law of the land. Spending is actually out of control. The wall is actually not funded along with in fact Congress voted to stop Trump via building the wall or doing much of anything to secure the border along with fix the immigration system. Congress has failed to stop the Deep State war on Trump. along with the Senate is actually stonewalling Trump’s appointments to the courts along with his administration.

Erickson’s secret Congressman along with his fellow gutless anti-Trump Congressmen have only themselves to blame. Trump is actually keeping his promises. They need to keep theirs if they want to keep their jobs.

Source : Anti-Trump GOP House Members ‘Happy to Take Out President’ Over Mueller, Looming Loss of Congress