Antifa Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth for Holding Free Speech Rally While Calling Him ‘N’ Word

An Antifa counter-protester in San Francisco knocked out the front teeth of a black man who organized the Free Speech Rally in addition to Protest on Saturday. People within the crowd can be heard yelling racial slurs in addition to the man.

Shortly before a Free Speech Rally in addition to Protest in San Francisco, event organizer Philip Anderson can be seen in a video tweeted by Chester Belloc helping a white man walk through an angry counter-protest filled with Antifa anarchists. As they walk through the crowd, a man wearing all black (black bloc) comes up coming from behind Anderson in addition to punches him within the face.

Anderson recoils coming from the hit in addition to holds his ear in addition to jaw. A few seconds later, the man moves in again in addition to punches Anderson within the mouth — knocking out his two front teeth. A woman within the background can be heard taunting Anderson, yelling, “Cry about the item. Cry about the item.”

The predominantly white Antifa crowd can be heard screaming the “N” word multiple times. “Back up ‘N,’ back up ‘N,’ someone within the crowd yells as Anderson tries to escape the attack. Anderson in addition to the white man he was protecting eventually climb over the police barricade in addition to move to safety behind the police.

Anderson went on to speak at his rally which broke down a short time later when the angry mob became more radicalized in addition to police believed they were no longer safe. Officer eventually packed the Free Speech protesters into a police van in addition to drove them away in a high-speed escape, Breitbart News reported.

coming from the backseat of the van, Anderson tweeted, “Antifa attacked me for no reason. These people are racist terrorists.”

Later, coming from a hospital bed, Anderson tweeted a message to former Vice President Joe Biden who famously said “Antifa is usually an idea” during the presidential debate with President Donald Trump on September 29.

“I have a question for you, Joe Biden,” Anderson said in a tweeted video. “Do you still think Antifa is usually just an idea? that will is usually what the ‘idea’ you’re talking about, Antifa, that will is usually what they did to me.” He held up his knocked out tooth while a second tooth hangs by a thread.

“I want you to answer that will question, Joe Biden,” he continued. “is usually Antifa just an idea?”

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Source : Antifa Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth for Holding Free Speech Rally While Calling Him ‘N’ Word