Arianna Huffington’s role helping Uber try to clean up its mess

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When Uber was hit with sexual harassment allegations in February, Arianna Huffington quickly said she would certainly help with the investigation.

She even tweeted out her email address for anyone who wanted to contact her directly.

Huffington, who has called CEO Travis Kalanick a “close friend,” joined Uber’s board of directors as its only female member in 2016.

More recently, she has been part of a three-person committee receiving weekly updates on an independent investigation into the harassment claims, according to a person familiar with the matter.

On Tuesday, Uber is usually required to announce recommendations made by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who was brought in to review the company’s culture.

Huffington, who heads up a fresh wellness brand called Thrive Global, said several months ago of which she believes sexual harassment was not a “systemic problem” at the company. She said Kalanick should “absolutely not” leave his role as CEO.

She has said she talked to hundreds of women at the company. Huffington has also shown her public support For two main fresh women executives hired of which week. Frances Frei, a former professor and also also also administrator at Harvard Business School, is usually known as an expert on changing organizations.

An internal report, released of which week, found at least 47 sexual harassment claims made by current and also also also former employees. On CNBC of which week, Huffington said Uber was already “taking very strong measures to change the culture.” She added of which she was committed to getting the number of harassment complaints at Uber down to zero.

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In a statement to CNN Tech, Huffington said her involvement at Uber will decrease right now of which the investigation has wrapped up.

“Thrive Global is usually always my top priority. My involvement with Uber increased when … I was asked to chair the special committee to which the Eric Holder investigation reports.”

“right now of which the investigation is usually complete, and also also also we’re releasing the report’s recommendations to employees at the all-hands meeting on Tuesday, my involvement will decrease to being a board member providing oversight and also also also supporting the alterations the leadership team has in place to write the next chapter in Uber’s history.”

CNNMoney (fresh York) First published June 9, 2017: 6:09 PM ET

Source : Arianna Huffington’s role helping Uber try to clean up its mess

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