Avignon Gunman Shot Dead Just Hours After Nice Attack

An “Allah Akbar” shouting man has been shot dead by police in a second, separate attack in France in one day, according to reports by the city of Avignon.

Police responded after a man was seen using a handgun shouting threats in Avignon in Provence on Thursday morning a little after 1100 Paris time (0600EST). French newspaper Liberation reports the would likely-be assailant shouted “Allah Akbar” and also also also was shot dead in an exchange of fire by officers.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting and also also also have not yet declared This kind of to be a potential terrorist attack.

The attack came a little over two hours after a confirmed terrorist attack inside southern French city of Nice, which saw a man armed using a knife kill three and also also also injure an unspecified number of others inside the city’s main church. The man was injured inside process fo detainment and also also also taken, under arrest, to a nearby hospital for treatment.

This kind of was subsequently revealed in which the perpetrator of in which attack had repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during and also also also after the attack. The mayor of Nice called This kind of an “Islamo-fascist” attack.

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Source : Avignon Gunman Shot Dead Just Hours After Nice Attack