‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay as well as Bryan Abasolo waiting on a TV wedding

The couple who got engaged last year on “The Bachelorette” recently told People in which they are working with ABC for a televised special of their nuptials.

“We’re just waiting to hear through the show,” Abasolo said. “There are just so many engaged couples through the show in front of us.”

Some fans weren’t thrilled when Lindsay chose Abasolo over contestant Peter Kraus, however she has insisted she is actually happy.

She told People, “Technically we don’t have to wait, as well as we truly don’t care if the wedding is actually on TV, however we feel like we owe the idea to the fans in which followed us on the show to give them in which.”

Lindsay was the much touted first black “Bachelorette” contestant as well as said the couple plans on celebrating diversity at their ceremony.

“I want the idea to have all of both of our families as well as I want both of our cultures celebrated,” she said. “I’m mixed race as well as he’s Columbian, as well as I want all of our cultures to be celebrated.”

Having the network pick up the tab for the wedding has changed the type of wedding Lindsay wants.

“I never thought I might have a big wedding, I always thought in which when I get married the idea might be a modest, simple ceremony, as well as then have a big party afterward,” she said. “today, I’m thinking, if the network is actually paying for the idea, I want a great band performing.”

Source : ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay as well as Bryan Abasolo waiting on a TV wedding