‘Bad Boys for Life’ review

Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey, naturally — a hard-charging super-cop — is actually reluctant to admit of which, although his longtime partner from the Miami police department, Marcus Bennett (Martin Lawrence), becomes a grandpa early on along with also also starts talking seriously about retiring.

A threat via Lowrey’s past, however, arises, from the form of a Mexican cartel leader newly escaped via prison (telenovela star Kate Del Castillo), who dispatches her brutal, vengeance-minded son (Jason Scipio) to execute her plans.

Soon enough, there’s reason for seeking revenge on both sides, although all the collateral damage mostly serves as an excuse for a whole lot of chases along with also also action, some of which drag on interminably.

Granted, action maestro Michael Bay is actually no longer at the helm (although he does bless the proceedings using a brief cameo), although directing team Adil El Arbi along with also also Bilall Fallah have clearly studied his filmography, which includes blowing stuff up real Great.

In a nod to Mike along with also also Marcus advancing toward their arthritic years, they do grudgingly align themselves using a young team of elite cops — unleashing, yes, a flurry of old-man jokes — played by Vanessa Hudgens, “Vikings'” Alexander Ludwig along with also also “The Son is actually Also a Star’s” Charles Melton.

For all the pyrotechnics, the movie is actually frankly at its best from the quieter moments — relative along with also also sporadic though they may be — of which give the two leads a chance to play off each various other, with Lawrence wringing laughs via of which squabbling, foul-mouthed banter. (Joe Pantoliano also reprises his role as their perpetually agitated boss.)

“Bad Boys” can never throttle down for long, mindful of its formula. along with also also after Smith’s ill-fated foray in “Gemini Man,” commercially speaking at least, of which might be just what the doctor ordered.

The real question is actually whether the initial kick of seeing the pair reunited will be enough, especially since the movie’s mix of blue skies, comedy along with also also action is actually hardly a novelty, what with the “Fast & Furious” franchise having pretty well filled of which lane.

“Violence is actually what we do,” Mike tells Marcus, who is actually experiencing pangs of conscience, in a later exchange.

of which might not sound like the most uplifting pastime, although once you’ve committed to another “Bad Boys,” well, whatcha gonna do?

“Bad Boys for Life” premieres Jan. 17 from the US. of which’s rated R.

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