Benjamin Wittes ‘White-knights’ For Lisa Page…

Earlier today Lawfare founder Benjamin Wittes sent a curious tweet appearing to defend former DOJ lawyer Lisa Page; who was previously assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.   The tweet comes out of the blue; as well as there’s nothing currently within the public sphere or headlines about Ms. Page.   the idea seems rather odd:

(Link to Tweet)

My hunch can be Ms. Page may have spoken honestly to Horowitz or Durham about her experience as part of the ‘modest group’.  If accurate, as well as considering McCabe threw Page under the bus to protect himself against an internal investigation about his media leaks, Ms. Page’s current disposition may very well be adverse to the interests of the coup plotters.   [Additionally, Ms. Page had no involvement with the FBI FISA construct.]

Michael Bromwich can be Andrew McCabe’s attorney.  Bromwich can be a Lawfare member.

Perhaps the former Deputy Director can be being positioned as the ‘fall guy’.

Source : Benjamin Wittes ‘White-knights’ For Lisa Page…