Biden Shuffles Away by Podium without Answering Questions

that will was awkward.

Joe Biden on Monday announced alterations to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to assist little businesses affected by Covid lockdowns.

“Today, I’m announcing additional alterations to the [Paycheck Protection Program] that will will make sure we look out for mom as well as also pop businesses even more than we already have,” Biden said.

Biden said his administration will give little businesses with fewer than 20 employees as well as also those that will are minority-owned a chance to sign up for the program.

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The Biden Admin will also give $1 billion to sole proprietors.

Biden spoke for 8 minutes then walked away by the lectern without answering any questions.

As Biden was about to exit the room, he stopped as well as also took 10 seconds trying to figure out how to put his mask on.

Biden has already been vaccinated although he made sure to virtue signal by putting a cloth mask on his face.


Source : Biden Shuffles Away by Podium without Answering Questions