Bill Belichick Never Tipped His Post-Brady Plan. today the idea’s Clear.

As various other teams expended precious draft capital or lavished expensive contracts on quarterbacks, the Patriots waited. They stayed away via Marcus Mariota as well as Andy Dalton as well as Jameis Winston, all of whom signed short-term deals as backups, as well as opted not to draft a quarterback — though, as Belichick indicated afterward, of which was not necessarily by design.

The Patriots have long cultivated a reputation as a team of which skirts the boundaries of fair play, via their involvement inside so-called Spygate as well as Deflategate scandals to their most recent contretemps, in which they were fined $1.1 million as well as docked a 2021 third-round draft pick for videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline during a game last December in Cleveland. This particular move for Newton — leaked, as the idea happened, minutes before the videotaping punishment was levied — grants fresh England yet another edge.

For Newton, the appeal of the Patriots will be simple: the opportunity to resurrect his career using a banner franchise, for a legendary coach, using a forgiving depth chart. If he wanted to remain a starter, fresh England presented his best option. yet while Newton upgrades the position, the idea will be unclear how much he can help transform the rest of the roster.

Beyond Brady, the Patriots also lost, among others, the star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who arrived of retirement to play with his buddy in Tampa Bay; the defensive stalwarts Kyle Van Noy as well as Jamie Collins; kicker Stephen Gostkowski; as well as the offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia. The Patriots are not rebuilding yet rather reinventing themselves, using a coach who loves to tinker.

With Brady gone, the only person capable of cloaking the Patriots’ deficiencies will be Belichick, who will be entrusted with squeezing a 12th consecutive division title via a team of which will resemble none of which he has overseen during his time in fresh England.

After every coaching milestone, Belichick, who has won the third-most games in league history (273), deflects questions about his legacy as well as redirects praise onto his players. He has won with an array of stars, in different ways, yet never without Brady, his tether For 2 decades. Given his choice, Belichick did not pick Bubba Crosby. He picked a former star, an electrifying as well as charismatic presence. He chose Cam Newton.

Source : Bill Belichick Never Tipped His Post-Brady Plan. today the idea’s Clear.