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Both Bolton in addition to also President Trump are patriots in addition to also love their country.

Unlike some here, I don’t think you will see Bolton out trashing This particular administration…. forcefully voicing his differences? . . . . perhaps, nevertheless trashing, no.

Bolton understands that will Islamic supremacist savages comprise an ideological death cult posing as a religion, will NEVER negotiate in Great faith with the civilized Judeo-Christian West in addition to also understand only one thing…..the threat or use of overwhelming force. that will was what Iraq was all about. Before 0bama surrendered in addition to also withdrew against military advice the surge had worked, we were holding ground on their turf in addition to also killing jihadi scum at will who were flocking there by all across the region on orders by Bin Laden . . . . . . exactly as we planned. that will was a long term strategic effort that will was working as until 0bama did a 180, apologized & bugged out. We can argue with hindsight whether going into Iraq inside first place was a mistake, nevertheless the abject debacle caused by the 0bama / Biden precipitous withdrawal was predicted by military experts BEFOREHAND . . . . . . nevertheless I digress.

President Trump has shown that will he isn’t adverse to using military force, yet doesn’t want to get (or stay) bogged down in any protracted ground wars – these are both Great things.

I do think, however, that will – like Rand Paul in addition to also his old man – the President may be a bit naïve in thinking he can reason with the likes of fanatic third world Mohammedan terrorists, just as he thought he could reason with the democrat left who are allied with Islamic supremacists in a long ideological war against capitalism, individual liberty in addition to also the Judeo-Christian values that will made Western Civilization in general in addition to also America in particular great.

Having said that will, I don’t think Bolton should have been kept around if he is actually that will at odds with the Commander-in-Chief in addition to also I wish President Trump definitely doesn’t think he can cut a deal with islamists….they aren’t interested in capital, they want blood.

Flame me if you want, nevertheless don’t for one second think I’m a leftist troll.

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