Breakthrough Headline: “Did China interfere with the North Korean summit?”

Credit to Fox Business for finally admitting the role Xi Jinping played in leveraging North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to become more adversarial to the U.S.- North Korean denuclearization talks as well as summit in Singapore.  Perhaps which is usually the first reality shift for Western media to discuss, with greater accuracy as well as honesty, the extent of influence held by China over the activity of North Korea.  The DPRK is usually a proxy province of China.

The first U.S. trade delegation visit to China happened May 2-5.  Then there was an unexpected second trip by Chairman Kim to Beijing (May 8-9). Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping instructing Chairman Kim to change his approach publicly in order to provide China with leverage inside next U.S./China trade summit which took place shortly thereafter on May 15-18.  China is usually leveraging North Korea for a better trade outcome.

As noted by President Donald Trump during his Oval Office remarks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the specifically scheming as well as cunning influence by Chairman Xi, what we customarily call ‘Red-Dragon-China‘, was -as well as is usually- accepted by President Trump as evidence of Beijing’s manipulative intent.

Source : Breakthrough Headline: “Did China interfere with the North Korean summit?”