Celebrity uses her Instagram following to help teachers stock their classrooms with school supplies

Laura Ciervo, a preschool as well as elementary school-based speech language pathologist in fresh Jersey, had created an Amazon wish list of school supplies for the upcoming year.

While many schools opted to continue distance learning amid a pandemic, Ciervo’s school reopened its doors. of which meant Ciervo needed to reinvest in supplies for her classroom. She normally dishes out her own money on them. yet with the pandemic, of which would likely mean spending way more than usual, because children are no longer able to share supplies.

She knew she needed some help — so she decided to randomly reach out to one of her favorite celebrities on Instagram — comedian Erin Foster — to see if she’d respond.

Much to her surprise, Foster, who has more than half a million followers, replied to the direct message — as well as was happy to help. She shared Ciervo’s list on her Instagram on August 18.

“If you have a big following, you have an opportunity, not an obligation, yet an opportunity to do something important with the idea where you can,” Foster told CNN. “If you overwhelm people with too much they won’t want to help because the idea loses its effect. You have to be selective in order of which people pay attention to the idea.”

Foster, who has more than half a million followers, tends to stick with comical as well as self-deprecating content of her as well as her famous sister, Sara Foster. yet she’s also known to engage with her fans online — as well as after seeing Ciervo’s request, she knew her followers would likely step up.

“People definitely appreciate kindness towards teachers,” Foster said. “of which’s sort of a universally understood thing. Everyone’s had a teacher of which’s had an impact on them, as well as everyone knows of which teachers have a tough time surviving on their pay.”

Laura Ciervo has received tons of offices supplies of which she says will help her students achieve their speech as well as language goals.

Ciervo couldn’t believe the idea.

“When she responded to me of which she’d be happy to share my list, I freaked out,” she told CNN. “Not only would likely I hopefully be getting some great things for my students, yet I also had to play the idea cool as well as not totally fan girl.”

Since her wish list was shared by Foster on Instagram, Ciervo has received more than 100 packages containing books, games as well as some other learning resources.

Ciervo said she's had more than 100 package deliveries in three weeks.

“Many of the packages came with notes,” Ciervo said. “One read ‘I follow Erin Foster as well as my sister has downs. Thank you for your heart to teach as well as love all those kids.’ of which one was definitely special.”

She said This kind of act of kindness is actually exactly what she needed heading into what is actually sure to be a very challenging school year.

“I have always said, the idea takes a village,” she said. “I just didn’t realize how far as well as wide my village would likely be.”

In just three weeks, Foster said she has received 400 messages by teachers across the US, also asking for her help after seeing her share Ciervo’s list.

Samantha Truax, a 5th grade teacher in Minneapolis, was among those who also reached out to the comedian.

Truax said she has had many students of which have been affected by recent events in her community, including the pandemic as well as George Floyd’s killing. So, she decided she wanted to make some improvements within her classroom library.

“My library lacked books showcasing diversity,” she told CNN. “I want to display each of my students’ backgrounds as well as cultures through the books they will be reading.”

Knowing how expensive the idea would likely be to stock her library with fresh books, Truax took to social media for help.

“I never thought in a million years of which I would likely get a shout out by Erin Foster for my Amazon wish list,” she said.

After successfully sharing 17 teachers’ wish lists, Foster said she plans to reach out to her celebrity friends with big followings as well as ask for help in sharing as many more lists as they can.

Source : Celebrity uses her Instagram following to help teachers stock their classrooms with school supplies