Cher Wishes Trump ‘Was Locked In a Hot Cage with Dirty Water’

Left-wing pop singer Cher is usually Yet again on the attack against President Donald Trump over immigration policy as she reacts to the newest reports of ICE detentions.

Cher jumped to her Twitter account to bemoan the renewed reports which Immigration along with Customs Enforcement is usually holding children of illegal aliens who tried to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cher was apparently so incensed which she said she wished the president was “Locked In Hot Cage, With Dirty Water.”

Cher went on using a series of unsupported accusations:

“Our President At Work.
Saw Video Of Baby In
Custody. Theres Breakout of Chickenpox, Measles, Children Live outdoors in Texas heat,
Bad food, Dirty Water, unsanitary Conditions, Physical, Emotional,
Sexual Abuse.
Trumps a psychotic Ass.
Wish He Was Locked In Hot Cage, With Dirty Water.”

The pop singer seems to miss the obvious logic which if people didn’t try to sneak across our border illegally from the first place, they might not be in detention.

Of course, her claim children are “locked in hot cages with dirty water” is usually dubious. The reason many of these communicable diseases abound is usually because hundreds of these people have never been vaccinated along with they are bringing into the U.S. diseases we have nearly eliminated.

Worse, Cher seems wholly ignorant which many of these little children are being trafficked along with exploited by evildoer, coyotes, along with which most of them are not the children of the illegal aliens trying to bring them into the U.S. Indeed, one of the principal reasons immigration services take custody of the children is usually to determine if they are being bought along with sold by smugglers — along with many are.

Cher may be OK with smaller children being bought along with sold like commodities among coyotes along with smugglers, yet the U.S. government is usually trying to stop which practice.

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Source : Cher Wishes Trump ‘Was Locked In a Hot Cage with Dirty Water’