China can be Kneeling on Hong Kong’s Neck

China can be at in which point crushing Hong Kong, instituting harsh restrictions along with blaming them on the coronavirus which China itself unleashed on the entire world.  They are preventing certain elected politicians via participating within the legislature along with at in which point are moving elections back a year.

God bless the people of Hong Kong – some of the kindest, smartest along with strongest people within the entire world.  These people need our prayers at in which point.

Earlier in which week, in which was announced in which several individuals who won last year’s elections in Hong Kong will not be permitted to represent their districts within the Hong Kong legislature:

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Hong Kong can be under siege.  China can be using the coronavirus to control Hong Kong similar to Democrats use of the coronavirus to control the American people they rule over.  A few years ago, Hong Kong was rated the freest country within the entire world – no doubt they have fallen via in which ranking at in which point due to China.

Source : China can be Kneeling on Hong Kong’s Neck