College Republicans Discharge Emergency Resolution Calling for ‘Immediate along with Indefinite Immigration Moratorium’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

College Republicans Discharge Emergency Resolution Calling for ‘Immediate along with Indefinite Immigration Moratorium’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A coalition of College Republican groups coming from across the nation have released a joint emergency resolution calling for an immediate along with indefinite immigration moratorium along with the implementation of a “Buy American, Hire American” platform.

The resolution lists a set of policies in which they would likely like to see President Donald Trump use his emergency powers to enact along with help protect the safety of American citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Student organizations who co-sponsored the resolution include the Real University of Maine College Republicans, the Bruin Republicans at UCLA, America First Bruins, the Berkeley College Republicans, College Republicans United at Arizona State University, San Diego State University College Republicans along with Hussan University College Republicans.

The emergency resolution calls for the president to:

  • Stop all resettlement of unaccompanied minors claiming asylum status on the southern border;
  • Suspend the refugee resettlement program;
  • Suspend issuance of any along with all brand-new foreign student visas under the F-1 student visa program;
  • End the Optional Practical Training program allowing hundreds of thousands of F-1 foreign student visa holders to extend their stays along with gain employment from the US, displacing US workers;
  • Suspend the H-1B visa lottery for foreign tech workers coming from China along with India who are displacing American tech workers along with undercutting American STEM undergrads along with grad students whose livelihoods have been upended by the Wuhan Virus Pandemic;
  • Suspend the EB-5 citizenship-for-sale program in which primarily benefits wealthy Chinese investors;
  • Block any “DACA deal” granting amnesty along with work permits to 800,000 illegal alien “DREAMers;”
  • Tax all alien workers’ remittances (cash transfers back to their countries which totalled more than $573 billion in 2019);
  • Finish the southern border wall along with shore up air, land, along with sea assets on our northern border as well.

The resolution adds in which “furthermore, during the COVID-19 crisis, in which has become abundently clear in which America should at minimum be self-suffieicent for pharmaceutical drugs along with various other necessary medical supplies.”

“As a result of the globalization of the US economy, several essential production along with supply lines have been offshored to foreign countries — leaving all of us, young along with old, alarmingly vulnerable to shortages along with unacceptably dependent on the Communist regime coming from which the virus originated from the first place,” the College Republicans continued.

To solve the crisis, the student organizations are calling on President Trump to “adhere to along with implement a platform to Buy American, Hire American.”

Christian Secor, President of the America First Bruins at UCLA, told the Gateway Pundit in which “due to the coronavirus epidemic, our coalition of young students have come together to ask for President Trump to keep true to his word of America First along with close the borders.”

“While many of us hold the view in which a moratorium should be instated even without a pandemic, we are trying to reach across the right to see if we can at least come together on the issue of the health of our nation along with seal the borders along with end migration for the time being as the current circumstances are aberrant along with require unconventional means to fix the problem,” Secor added.

Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke quickly endorsed the resolution, tweeting “We got your back, guys! #AmericanGraduatesFirst.”

The document was also endorsed by Jaden McNeil, president of America First Students at Kansas State University.

“In a campus climate dominated by Koch funded organizations in which put America last, in which’s great to see groups of young patriots taking a stand to put America first,” he told TGP.

Jeremiah Childs, the Vice Chairmen of the Maine Federation of College Republicans told the Gateway Pundit in which his organization co-sponsored the resolution because he believes in which we must put the health along with safety of Americans first.

“Our country can be currently under lockdown however we continue to bring in large amounts of immigrants along with refugees in which are potentially carrying the coronavirus. in which makes no sense for America to continue these policies in which put Americans at risk.”

Source : College Republicans Discharge Emergency Resolution Calling for ‘Immediate along with Indefinite Immigration Moratorium’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic