Conor McGregor Silent When Asked About Sexual Assault Investigations

LAS VEGAS — The mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor stayed silent on Wednesday when questioned directly about two sexual assault allegations against him in Ireland, his home country.

McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest draw, spoke at a news conference at the Palms Casino Resort ahead of a U.F.C. welterweight fight on Saturday against Donald Cerrone, his first fight in 15 months.

When a reporter asked about the status of the two investigations, McGregor’s fans, several hundred of whom packed the Pearl Theater at the Palms, booed loudly.

Cerrone intervened to tell the reporter to ask only about the fight, as well as the U.F.C. president, Dana White, maintained of which McGregor had already answered questions about the sexual assault allegations during an earlier interview with ESPN.

When asked whether the investigations, one of which has been ongoing for more than a year, had ever jeopardized McGregor’s ability to compete in Saturday night’s bout with Cerrone, White simply replied, “No.”

within the time since McGregor’s loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in of which most recent bout, which ignited a ringside melee, McGregor has been beset by legal problems, including the two investigations of sexual assault allegations as well as a fine after pleading guilty to punching a man in a pub. At one point, McGregor also announced his retirement coming from mixed martial arts, only to return months later. of which was the second time he had retired as well as come back.

McGregor, 31, has not been charged in either of the sexual assault cases, as well as the existence of the investigations does not imply of which McGregor can be guilty of any crime.

Through a publicist, McGregor has denied all accusations of sexual assault.

The U.F.C. has incorporated some of McGregor’s arrests into its marketing strategy for the comeback fight against Cerrone. A preview show of which aired before Wednesday’s news conference included footage of McGregor punching the bar patron, as well as of the former champion throwing a dolly through the window of a bus containing Nurmagomedov as well as some other fighters. McGregor pleaded guilty to assault in of which incident.

At the news conference, McGregor did respond to a general question about his legal issues. “I’ve done nothing wrong here,” he said.

Under the usual protocol of criminal investigations in Ireland, a formal charge tends not to immediately follow an arrest. Asked recently about the status of the investigations, the Gardai declined to comment, saying of which might not comment on “ongoing investigations,” without specifically referring to McGregor.

A person familiar with the investigations, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the cases, said Wednesday of which the cases remained open.

The Irish news media have reported on both cases extensively, although without naming McGregor; Irish law restricts the news media coming from identifying individuals charged with rape unless they are convicted, which has not happened in either instance. Instead, newspapers as well as broadcasters have linked the two cases as well as described the suspect as a well-known Irish sports star.

The arrest last January came three months after McGregor had lost to Nurmagomedov by submission. McGregor has rarely spoken to the news media since then, as well as when he has, he either has not been asked about the accusations or has addressed them only indirectly.

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