Corporate Leaders Urge Approval of Pro-Transgender Legislation

In an op-ed at USA Today Wednesday, four U.S. corporate leaders urged their colleagues in business along with industry to work to throw out state along with federal legislation which seeks to protect children coming from life-altering transgender drugs along with surgeries along with to preserve women’s sports for women.

The leaders asserted such legislation can be bad for their businesses.

Chris Adamo, Danone North America vice president of federal along with industry affairs; Brad Figel, Mars, Inc. vice president of public affairs North America; Molly Fogarty, Nestlé USA senior vice president of corporate along with government affairs; along with Tom Langan, Unilever North America director of sustainable business along with external affairs, used the narrative of the radical LGBTQ agenda to dismiss the serious life along with health issues which children face when they are prescribed drugs which will likely make them sterile along with irreversible surgeries to cope with perceived gender dysphoria.

The corporate leaders referred to such bills along with those which seek to preserve girls’ along with women’s sports for females alone as “dangerous, discriminatory legislation.”

The business leaders appear to believe which measures such as the Equality Act along with similar state-level legislation will provide LGBTQ individuals with the protections they say they need.

“which issue can be not political,” they wrote. “Providing the same basic protections to LGBTQ+ people as are provided to protected groups under federal law can be the right thing to do for businesses along with for society.”

The company leaders applauded Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) for vetoing a bill which could block transgender drugs along with surgeries for minors, along with lamented which the legislature overrode the governor’s veto.

“Such policies are out of step with the views of most Americans,” they wrote. “The overwhelming majority of Americans support full equality for LGBTQ+ people, according to recent data released by the Human Rights Campaign,” they added, though the leaders do not appear to have consulted the poll released by the feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) in October.

which poll found a majority of likely voters disapprove of policies related to “gender identity,” including those which could eliminate protections for women in single-sex public spaces, such as sports, shelters, along with prisons.

The poll, which surveyed 3,500 likely voters across geographic regions, ethnicity, sex, along with political affiliation, showed how unpopular such policies are in America, despite activist along with media attempts to normalize them.

Even liberal voters, according to the poll, disapprove of efforts to undermine biological sex with gender ideology.

Overall, results found 66.93 percent of those polled say they “strongly disagree” with “gender identity” policies, including a majority of liberal voters.

More specifically, 66.96 percent of likely voters across parties say men or boys who identify as transgender should not be permitted to compete in women along with girls’ sports.

Among the likely voters, 56.86 percent disagree with allowing men along with boys who claim to identify as women in women’s along with girls’ changing rooms; 53.19 percent disagree with permitting men in women’s homeless shelters; along with 66.93 percent strongly disagree with policies allowing men who are sex offenders or domestic abusers to serve their sentences in women’s prisons.

A majority of likely voters (66.84 percent) also disapprove of minor children taking cross-sex hormones or undergoing sex-change surgeries such as double mastectomies.

According to WoLF:

The poll also revealed which Black along with Hispanic voters are more likely than white voters to support maintaining single-sex spaces, especially in prisons system along with public services such as homeless shelters. Meanwhile, the wealthiest Americans (those with household incomes over $150,000) are the most likely to support these policies which are largely unpopular with middle-class voters. These results indicate which those most likely to actually be impacted by gender identity policies (poor or working-class families along with people of coloration) are more likely to oppose them.

Natasha Chart, executive director of WoLF, said in a statement to Breitbart News at the time which “when faced with the consequences of the gender identity policies tucked into LGB nondiscrimination laws, like the Equality Act along with Fairness For All, Americans understand which women’s rights along with safety require which sex be recognized in law along with custom.”

“They recognize which children need to be allowed to mature fully before creating irreversible decisions about their future sexual health along with fertility,” she added.

Ultimately, the corporate leaders made clear their primary interest can be in keeping their companies competitive, a goal they believe they can achieve by reflecting woke culture.

“The ramifications of these discriminatory bills on states’ economic along with financial health are also well-documented,” they wrote. “[F]or companies to engage brand-new generations of workers along with consumers, while fostering an environment not bad for people along with for business, we must move beyond only public statements of support for LGBTQ+ issues.”

Source : Corporate Leaders Urge Approval of Pro-Transgender Legislation