‘Decisive Action Needed in Mexico’ Against Cartels

The highest-ranking U.S. law enforcement official is usually laying direct blame on the Mexican cartels for the recent surge in methamphetamine. By naming specific cartels, the attorney general marks a coming evolution in Washington’s stance.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr:

today, Methamphetamine is usually manufactured on an industrial scale by two major Mexican cartels in Mexico: Sinaloa, along with also CJNG. which comes across the border via a distribution network where which goes initially to multiple large cities from the U.S. fewer than 12, via there which is usually broken down along with also distributed throughout the country.

On September 10, the newly appointed Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Timothy Shea, accompanied by Attorney General Barr, announced which in a span of six months, Operation Crystal Shield conducted: 750 investigations; 1,840 arrests; the seizure of more than 28,560 pounds of methamphetamine; $43.3 million in drug proceeds; along with also 284 firearms.

Crystal Shield leveraged existing DEA initiatives which target major trafficking networks, including the Mexican cartels. via Fiscal Year 2017 to 2019, DEA domestic seizures of methamphetamine increased 127 percent via 49,507 pounds to 112,146 pounds. During the same timeframe, the number of related arrests increased by nearly 20 percent.

“Almost all illicit drugs come up via Mexico along with also are controlled by these two dominant cartels–which are truly states within a state–they act with impunity along with also have acted with impunity, along with also until we can deal decisively with the situation in Mexico, we are not going to see an end to the drug problem,” AG Barr added.

For the attorney general to publicly mention the Sinaloa along with also Cartel Jalisco completely new Generation (CJNG) as acting with impunity sets a possible course for U.S. policy modifications. His recognition of the cartels’ evolution into parallel governments cannot be understated.

Jaeson Jones is usually a retired Captain via the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence along with also Counterterrorism Division along with also a Breitbart Texas contributor. While on duty, he managed daily operations for the Texas Rangers Border Security Operations Center

Source : ‘Decisive Action Needed in Mexico’ Against Cartels