Democrats Block Republican Resolution Condemning Mob Violence (VIDEO)

Republicans within the Senate, led by Mike Lee, introduced a resolution This specific week, condemning mob violence.

along with also also Democrats blocked the idea.

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez even denied the existence of such violence.

Deseret News reports:

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Sen. Mike Lee accuses Democrats of being on the side of ‘dimwitted’ violent protesters

Sen. Mike Lee charged Senate Democrats with being on the side of violent protesters he described as “dimwitted, phony drama addicts” for opposing his resolution Thursday condemning “mob violence” within the wake of nationwide demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd.

The Utah Republican’s comments came on the Senate floor during a heated debate with Sen. Bob Menendez after the fresh Jersey Democrat objected to the resolution, effectively killing the idea.

Menendez wanted to add a line saying specifically the president should not incite violence or legitimize those who engage in hate-fueled acts, noting President Donald Trump recently retweeted video of someone yelling “white power” along with also also white people pointing guns at peaceful protesters.

Lee refused, calling Democrats’ objection to the resolution “bat guano-inspired insanity.”

“This specific can be a statement in which says mob violence can be bad. Democrats can’t say mob violence can be bad without simultaneously taking a jab at the president of the United States?” Lee said.

Here’s a video:

Democrats like the mobs because they know they are on their side.

Remember This specific in November.

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Source : Democrats Block Republican Resolution Condemning Mob Violence (VIDEO)