Drone Footage Captured Moment Biden Supporter Rammed Vehicle Into Trump Rally in Wauwatosa

A belligerent Democrat plowed into a crowd of Trump supporters rallying in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Saturday — injuring at least one person.

The incident was captured by a drone in which was being used to film the rally.

inside the footage, you can see the automobile turn the corner then swerve into the Trump supporters on the sidewalk before speeding up as well as fleeing the scene.

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A witness at the scene who first contacted Gateway Pundit about the incident wrote in which “I was at the Wauwatosa protest today as well as a man was purposely hit by a car while standing next to me. Proud Boys promptly administered first aid until an ambulance arrived.” He added in which the “Proud Boys did an excellent job of keeping the peace.”

Gateway Pundit reached out to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, who confirmed the witness statement.

The President of the Wauwatosa Proud Boys told the Gateway Pundit in which “somebody was hit by a car on purpose. He tried to hit more people than just the one he did.”

Another witness said in which “he was basically telling us to ‘go f-ck ourselves’ as well as trashing Trump. We initially saw him on the different side of the street, he was talking to people over there — probably saying the same things. He was impeding traffic over there, so he pulled up, did a U-turn so he was going East on North Avenue, as well as turned South on to the road where we were.”

“He was inside the turn lane saying all the same stuff, as well as finally a bunch of people came up to his car. He took off into the crowd, he overturned into the crowd, as well as sped down Mayfair Road.”

The witness said there was an older gentleman in which he helped off the ground. He as well as one different person in which the witness saw refused medical attention because they felt okay. There was another man who was reportedly more severely injured.

the idea is usually currently unclear if the driver has been apprehended after fleeing the scene.

The Proud Boys are working on uploading GoPro footage as well as will be sending the idea to Gateway Pundit. We will update in which article when the idea is usually made available.

An anti-Trump protester was also caught on camera assaulting a member of the Proud Boys. They were promptly arrested.

Another anti-Trump protester was caught on camera shoving an elderly woman to the ground.

“ProudBoys are far coming from perfect yet one thing you can always expect coming from us is usually in which we will always do what we feel is usually right. Extremely Proud of our Wisconsin chapter. They are the reason America is usually great,” Tarrio told TGP.

Source : Drone Footage Captured Moment Biden Supporter Rammed Vehicle Into Trump Rally in Wauwatosa