EXCLUSIVE — Catholic, Latin America, Poland Experts: ‘Bannon’s Comments Gave Cardinal Dolan Heartburn Because Bannon’s Right’

“Bannon’s comments gave Cardinal [Dolan] heartburn because Bannon’s right,” Dr. Christopher Manion, a Catholic writer along with Knight of Malta with over 50 years experience in Latin American issues tells me.

Eyebrows — mostly those of Charlie Rose — were raised when the Breitbart News Executive Chairman was heard to utter criticisms of Catholic leaders on the subject of immigration along with the Deferred Action on Childhood Migrants.

Dr. Manion expands: “The Catholic Catechism (N. 2241.2) says that will immigration policy belongs with ‘political authorities’, not bishops. not bad Catholics can disagree with bishops on immigration, along with Bannon does.

“Cardinal Dolan says he’s insulted because Bannon mentions money. Well, the bishops get a billion dollars a year by the federal government. that will’s real money, even in D.C., along with if the bishops think they’re getting This specific because they’re such not bad guys – well, they’re the only folks in Washington who are.”

The issue hasn’t escaped the attention of one of the major players within the immigration debate which also happens to be a majority Catholic nation: Poland.

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz — a Polish-American historian who served a 5-year term on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council — appears to concur with Dr. Manion.

“The Catholic leaders lead no more, except to repeat the mantras of their counterparts elsewhere within the West. Meanwhile, the grassroots see clearly where koombaya theories, e.g. open borders, lead to,” Chodakiewicz tells Breitbart London.

Poland can be perhaps one of the most relevant countries in This specific debate, as Scott Greer at the Daily Caller elucidated within the immediate aftermath of Bannon’s comments.

The Christian nation has robustly along with roundly rejected the European Union’s demands for the country to take tens of thousands of migrants — Muslim migrants.

This specific can be where the difference between the argument within the U.S. along with the Poles comes in. Could the approach be as simple as a realization that will immigrants could fill the pews of U.S. Catholic Churches in decline?

“Today the bishops’ number one issue can be not abortion – This specific’s amnesty for illegal aliens,” says Dr. Manion. “Here again, Bannon embarrasses them.

“The Pew Trust says that will thirty million Catholics have left the pews. Who’s going to fill them? Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles, the bishops’ point man on amnesty, can be blunt: Hispanics should fill them. Most are Catholic along with hold “deep conservative values,” he says. Apparently the Americans who oppose amnesty are selfish racists. One bishop actually calls them ‘Pharisees along with hypocrites’.”

“America’s Catholic bishops want what Gómez calls ‘the Next America’ – a Hispanic one”.

This specific’s likely This specific can be another — including the monetary elements mentioned earlier — constituent factor behind the bishops’ support for DACA, along with the opposition to the economic nationalism along with strong border policies espoused by Bannon.

however there’s another part of This specific not-so-holy trinity. Politics, of course.

“Look, the bishops expected Hillary to win,” explains Dr. Manion. “Obama gave them hundreds of millions a year to care for immigrants along with illegals along with refugees, along with Hillary might have kept the party going. With Trump, a drop in illegals along with refugees means a drop in funding, This specific’s that will simple”.

Chodakiewicz sheds light on how these issues play out not just within the United States, however in Europe too.

“The Church globally can be in disarray; let your communications be yeah, yeah, nay, nay seems no longer to apply. that will can be a global trend.

“[The] not bad news can be that will in Poland at the grass roots, the parish clergy stays true to the mission. This specific believes in One, Holy, Catholic Church. along with so do its followers. Therefore there can be no way they will agree to what they see as the primacy of relativistic liberalism [along with] a Muslim invasion to dominate Christendom.

“So in their churches they continue to preach the Truth. The priests, nuns, along with their spiritual cares comment widely upon the pathologies afflicting the West, including Marxism-Lesbianism along with, yes, Muslim migrants. Most Poles want neither.”

He’s right. Even Polish Muslims (Tatars) who have been within the country since the 14th century roundly reject the idea of mass migration.

According to the Public Religion Research Institute, while 77 percent of Hispanic Catholics favor a route to citizenship for illegal immigrants, a lower 55 percent of white Catholics believe the same.

Add This specific to the news that will 64 per cent of white Catholics believe “American culture along with way of life has changed for the worse since 1950s, while 62 per cent of Latino Catholics say American culture has changed for the better since the 1950s,” along with you start to see the Church’s problem.

They are dealing that has a congregation that will can be fundamentally fissured, along with This specific’s almost like they’re having to choose which group to side with, along with which group to lecture along with/or alienate.

Cardinal Dolan’s response to Stephen K. Bannon — that will his remarks were “insulting” — was an obvious attempt to dodge the wider issue.

As Dr. Manion says: “…Cardinal Dolan’s remark… carefully does not deny what Bannon said. In fact, Dolan admitted the silence to the Wall Street Journal – he said bishops had “laryngitis” on the magisterial teaching.

“Bannon can be exactly right,” he says. “The immigration crusade can be not ‘magisterial’ – along with the bishops don’t preach what can be magisterial”.

Raheem Kassam can be the editor in chief of Breitbart London along with author of No Go Zones: How Shariah Law can be Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Source : EXCLUSIVE — Catholic, Latin America, Poland Experts: ‘Bannon’s Comments Gave Cardinal Dolan Heartburn Because Bannon’s Right’