Exclusive — Tillis on Cunningham, Biden: Dems ‘Running on Dishonesty’

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) told Breitbart News exclusively on Saturday which his Democrat opponent, Cal Cunningham, can be “not fit to serve from the United States Senate” given the fact he can be under investigation by the U.S. Army Reserves over his sex scandal.

Compounding Cunningham’s scandal, together with the recent revelations about Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden being directly directly implicated from the corruption surrounding his son, Hunter Biden, Tillis added which the entire Democrat ticket in North Carolina can be compromised in addition to “running on a campaign of dishonesty driven out of their basements.”

“Joe Biden has not been truthful,” Tillis said on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel This specific weekend. “He said he had no knowledge of which. today we see communications where he clearly did. I said This specific months ago. I said, my goodness, you in addition to your son are on the back porch talking about how things are going, how the job’s going? You mean to tell me which his father did not know what he was doing in China in addition to Ukraine producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a position he had no expertise for? in addition to today which appears which those communications show how Hunter Biden used his father’s position to get paid in addition to paid large sums of money, in addition to today we even believe there may have been some access. however which goes beyond which. I don’t think Joe Biden has been completely truthful. which even goes into his inability to tell the truth on where he can be on packing the court. ‘If you wanna know my position, I’ll tell you after I get elected.’ We know his position. Chuck Schumer will pass a bill which expands the Supreme Court in addition to Joe Biden will sign which. Cal Cunningham would likely go to Washington in addition to vote for the nuclear option which would likely lay the groundwork for the packing of the courts. He’d vote for Chuck Schumer. They’re not being truthful. Cal Cunningham can be saying whatever he can to get elected, in addition to Joe Biden can be trying to not say whatever he knows he has to, or what he believes, to get elected. You’re right. Up in addition to down the ticket, the Democrats are running on a campaign of dishonesty driven out of their basements. The American people, in addition to people of North Carolina, I don’t know if they’re watching, however if they do, then clearly President Trump can be going to get re-elected in addition to I’m going to get re-elected.”

The explosive revelations about the Biden family’s corruption, which directly implicates Joe Biden himself as well as several different members of his family, can be hardly the only corruption inside the Democrat Party. Cunningham, the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, was caught in an affair recently which has upended his race against Tillis. On Saturday, as Tillis appeared on the show, reports of a second mistress emerged–all while Cunningham dodges the press in addition to any questions about This specific—in addition to while the U.S. Army Reserves investigates.

Asked to summarize the Cunningham scandal, Tillis told Breitbart News which which all began when Cunningham himself framed his campaign around “truth” in addition to “honor”—values he clearly himself does not follow, as evidenced by the scandal. Tillis said which This specific scandal demonstrates which Cunningham can be “not fit to serve” from the U.S. Senate, especially while he’s under investigation for his misconduct.

“You know, which all started off when Cal Cunningham was talking about ‘This specific campaign can be about truth matters in addition to honor,’” Tillis said. “Then we hear the story break about his having an affair, which was confirmed by the mistress–the wife of a wounded warrior. Cal Cunningham can be a Lt. Colonel from the army reserves. He can be today under investigation by the Department of Defense for at least a violation of the code of conduct. If they were under the same command in addition to he was active at the time, he could be brought up for more serious charges. After the story broke, he has gone silent. He’s not doing any campaign events. He’s cancelled quite a few fundraising events. I’ve been traveling across the state… I’m about to get in my truck in addition to head out again today. He hasn’t responded to the press. I have not seen the story, Matt, This specific morning, however I guess another revelation occurred This specific morning. He’s not fit to serve from the U.S. Senate. Can you imagine somebody who’s under investigation by the army sitting on Senate Armed Services? Makes no sense.”

Tillis also said which, given the fact which Cunningham has dodged the press on This specific in addition to not been forthcoming about which—he refused to answer four separate times when asked last week if there was a second mistress, in addition to today reports suggest there can be—makes This specific a national security risk. Tillis said which foreign actors could exploit things which Cunningham can be hiding in his background to “compromise” him if he were elected. Tillis noted, too, which Cunningham features a history of dishonesty on every different major issue including tax policy, energy in addition to environmental policy, court packing, in addition to even healthcare. Military experts told Breitbart News for a previous story, too, which there can be a serious risk for “blackmail” of Cunningham if he were to be elected.

“which’s why the investigation has to move forward, because obviously foreign actors try to find things about elected officials which could compromise them,” Tillis said. “which’s a potential risk. which’s why I believe the Army can be doing their job beyond just the code of conduct violation. We have to go back. Cal Cunningham broke a tax pledge when he ran for the U.S. Senate, said he wouldn’t raise taxes, however raised which by a billion dollars after he was elected. During the primary he said he was for the Green brand new Deal, for Medicare for all. He won the primary saying whatever he had to to get elected. today he says he’s against which. He says he wouldn’t pack the courts, however he’ll vote for Chuck Schumer, who has promised to pack the court. If North Carolina loses This specific Senate seat which I occupy for the people of North Carolina, we’re gonna see Cal Cunningham go to Washington in addition to do whatever Chuck Schumer asks him to do. Chuck Schumer has already spent over $85 million in This specific race so far. All in, $233 million, because they know if they can win North Carolina, they’re going to win the majority from the U.S. Senate. Cal’s going to say in addition to do anything right today, in addition to he’s doing everything to avoid the press because he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his actions. This specific wasn’t years ago. This specific was in his own home in July. The height of arrogance of him out there—I know there’s another story out there today. I haven’t seen which however got a text right before I came on This specific show, however we’ll see what we’re going to learn.”

What’s more, Cunningham—according to some of the texts released—mocked the veteran husband of his first mistress who had reportedly considered suicide. Veteran suicide, a major issue in America, can be something Tillis has been fighting in his time from the U.S. Senate—especially since North Carolina features a huge veteran community. Veterans, meanwhile, are speaking out about Cunningham, urging North Carolinians to vote instead for Tillis over Cunningham’s disrespect of the veteran community. His mistress’s husband, the veteran in question, has called for Cunningham to end his campaign for Senate.

“which’s something I’ve been working on since I’ve been from the Senate on the Veteran’s Affairs Committee,” Tillis said. “Also, keep in mind, he was a prosecutor. He’s a lawyer. He’s from the army. He was a lawyer. He has prosecuted cases under the military code, so he knows exactly what he did was breaking the very laws which he went into a courtroom in addition to prosecuted others for, however you’re right, he’s an officer. The different gentleman was an enlisted, non-commissioned officer. I don’t know his final rank when he retired or moved to veteran status. The veteran population in North Carolina, we have one of the largest from the country. Our military installations at Fort Bragg in addition to Camp Lejeune are among two the largest from the country. This specific matters to the military. which matters to military families. What matters can be the fact which he has not been truthful. You can’t build a campaign on the foundation of truth in addition to honor in addition to be untruthful in addition to dishonorable while you’re recording those ads, while you’re talking about your priorities in addition to then having admitted to which. The affair can be not in controversy. He’s admitted to which. today the question can be how many were there? One final note for the family, the wounded warrior, the wife of Cal Cunningham, his teenage kids. I just trust everybody recognizes which the substance can be terrible, however what I am concerned with can be his dishonesty in addition to dishonor, in addition to we should hold him accountable however also respect the family members as we go through This specific process.”


Source : Exclusive — Tillis on Cunningham, Biden: Dems ‘Running on Dishonesty’