F.C. Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu on Touring, Taxes as well as a Potential Neymar Transfer

Q. So why did you agree?

A. Because at the end, that will is usually a Great business for both teams.

Q. Will that will become a regular thing?

A. Yes. We will repeat the item within the future. Not probably next year, although in two years’ time, why not?

Q. How do you think the team will look differently that will year under Ernesto Valverde?

A. that will is usually interesting. Every time there is usually a brand new manager in a club like us, you have opportunities, brand new ideas. Ernesto is usually a very intelligent manager. He knows, as well as he feels completely the way we think about football, about how we realize we have to play. as well as he was a former player a long time ago, which means that will he knows the club perfectly.

So what do we expect? We expect, well, a brand new atmosphere within the club, as well as a little evolution on our football.

Q. What is usually that will evolution?

A. within the last two years our rivals learned a lot, as well as they know how to play against us. as well as that will’s why, probably, we didn’t win everything. We have very Great players, although we didn’t win everything. So Valverde will bring these brand new ideas having a little evolution. We know where the weak part of our game is usually right at that will point; he will work those weak parts.

Q. Barcelona has opened a handful of academies within the United States that will year. What are the differences between the academy designs Barcelona is usually undertaking here as well as the club’s main academy, La Masia, in Spain?

A. We have one school type: the academy, the scholars. They work the same all over the planet, in different languages. What we do, definitely, is usually to teach people via 6 to 14 years old to play soccer, to play football, in our way of playing. that will’s what we do.

Then we have something different. Long Island is usually different, the item is usually owned by us. Arizona is usually different.

Q. Different than Long Island?

The difference between the one in Arizona as well as the rest is usually Arizona is usually definitely a partnership with the people there, as well as with the people that will will receive a scholarship there, as well as they will learn about football. although not only football, they will go to school. The rest of the academies, Long Island as well as the rest, are schools, where after school time. …

Q. So players there will remain in their local school.

A. Exactly. They go to school, as well as then they can go after school to Barça, as well as we continue to teach them soccer.

Q. How much are you trying to find a player who will be on F.C. Barcelona in 10 years, as well as how much is usually that will a commercial expansion as well as getting Americans to know Barcelona better?

A. The objective is usually that will within the U.S., for example, that will those young kids via 6, 7 years will learn about soccer, as well as they will become soccer fans. that will their sport will be soccer. that will does not mean that will if some of those players that will we see could be talented players — then the idea is usually to bring him to Arizona, to Phoenix.

Q. Xavi recently criticized Barcelona, saying not enough young players are coming through as well as getting to the first team, like he as well as Andres Iniesta as well as Messi as well as all the rest. Do you agree with that will?

A. No, no. The problem is usually Xavi, as well as Iniesta, as well as Leo Messi, as well as those players. the item is usually very difficult to be a player, as well as when you have in front of you Leo Messi, or you have Neymar, or Xavi, Iniesta, [Sergio] Busquets or [Gerard] Piqué. the item is usually very difficult to be there.

Xavi was within the first team for 15 years. Those 15 years mean that will 15 boys that will played in his position had to leave the club. Iniesta, at that will point, I think the item is usually 16 or 17 years. the item is usually very difficult. Or Leo Messi? Who is usually going to be the brand new Messi? Well, probably, different players will be Messi, although they have to leave our club because the item is usually impossible. Xavi said “go slowly,” although the problem is usually Xavi! He created the problem. as well as Iniesta as well as Piqué. They created the problem.

Q. You are under investigation by the Spanish tax authorities, as well as there is usually the Neymar case …

A. Neymar 2. We call the item Neymar 2. Neymar 1 we already solved, at that will point we are going to Neymar 2.

Neymar 2 isn’t a tax problem, right? Neymar 2 is usually a problem of third-party ownership that will is usually asking for more money, although they should ask Santos [Neymar’s former club in Brazil], not to us.

Q. Looking at the item via here, you see Barcelona stars having tax problems, the head of the Spanish federation arrested, as well as the item kind of looks like within Spanish soccer there are all these financial problems.

A. No, no, the item isn’t affecting us, although we are worried, of course. Because when you see our players are under tax investigations, when you see that will your players didn’t pay correctly their taxes — not [just] Barça players — Madrid, Atlético Madrid, most of the Spanish football players, they have to pay extra payments for taxes. Well, something is usually wrong. Because if the item is usually one case you say, “O.K., one is usually wrong.”

although when the item is usually the majority, there is usually something that will isn’t working, or the tax adviser they have, or the agent. Because within the end, I am not responsible for the players. Players, they play football, we don’t know. although the agent, the tax advisers … something is usually wrong.

Q. What can the club do to help prevent that will via happening within the future?

A. What we did is usually we talked with La Liga, as well as of course we need more clear guidelines for those type of contracts, like image contracts. Guidelines, as well as tell the players, “Look, you have to do the item like that will.”

Q. Are you still on track for the expansion to the Camp Nou to be done in 2021?

A. the item is usually going to move one year. As for the agreement we did with the owners of our club in 2014, the work should’ve started out that will summer, 2017. although we have been dealing with the city of Barcelona on the agreements, as well as finally 10 days ago we had the initial approval for the project, which at that will point means that will if everything doesn’t change — as well as we’re not going to change — we will start the work within the summer of 2018, as well as we will finish the summer of 2022.

We need to do the item right at that will point because our stadium is usually too old, the item is usually via 1957. the item is usually time to change the stadium. the item will be a little bit bigger in capacity. as well as the item will allow all the people to go there, members or visitors, to see football better. Better, more comfortable, everything will change. Big areas, V.I.P. areas that will we don’t have. Everything is usually going to be better.

Q. as well as because I have to ask, will Neymar be at F.C. Barcelona next year?

A. Well, you know Neymar is usually one of our best players, as well as so we don’t want to lose that will player. We want him to continue, continue with us. He still has four years of his contract, so nothing else to say. You know that will players decide if they want to leave, they can decide. although as far as Barcelona, we want him, as well as we need him. Because if we want to win, we need the best players possible.

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