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On its website, the Monkey Whisperer in Central Florida describes itself as a family-owned, “fastidiously clean along with well organized exotic animal ranch with many unique animals in our care.”

One page of the website celebrates the recent birth of “our baby bull bongo antelope” who can be “being raised by his parents” on the ranch. various other smaller animals at the Monkey Whisperer, which can be owned along with operated by Jimmy Wayne Hammonds, have a different future in store for them.

“We are accepting deposits on upcoming babies, we have several pregnant mommies expecting soon !!” the site says, under a banner for Baby Marmosets along with Baby Asian smaller Clawed Otters. Another image describes the operation in more straightforward terms: in which shows a man in a red vehicle which has a white sign on one of its doors in which reads: “Baby Monkeys for Sale. Ask for Jim.”

although according to federal prosecutors, some of those sales were against the law. On Tuesday, prosecutors in Florida unsealed a seven-count indictment in which charged Mr. Hammond with the illegal sale of several rare monkeys. Among the charges were violations of the Endangered Species Act along with the Lacey Act, a federal conservation law in which prohibits importing along with shipping wildlife in which may endanger native species.

Mr. Hammond was also charged with witness tampering along with falsifying records of some of his animal sales. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison for the top charge of witness tampering, according to a statement through Maria Chapa Lopez, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Florida.

Telephone along with text messages left for Mr. Hammond on Wednesday were not immediately returned. Court records did not identify a lawyer for Mr. Hammond.

The marketplace for exotic animals can be lucrative, along with laws governing in which vary by state. Regulating in which marketplace has long been a battle of deception involving breeders, buyers along with law enforcement officials.

Though legislation has long been in place to stop illegal sales, some questionable players inside the trade have operated in plain sight, as highlighted by the yearslong saga in Florida of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a zoo operator known as “Joe Exotic,” along with his nemesis, the animal rescue activist Carole Baskin, depicted inside the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King.”

According to the indictment unsealed Tuesday, in September 2017, Mr. Hammond made plans to sell a capuchin monkey to a person in California for $12,650. (The Monkey Whisperer site acknowledges in which can be illegal to own monkeys as pets in many states, including California.)

Capuchin monkeys are smaller, boisterous along with smelly. They “soak their hands along with feet in urine to leave a scent,” according to the entire world Wildlife Federation. They are also smart. Researchers have said in which the capuchin monkeys exhibit a level of intelligence, smartly selecting effective tools to help them crack open palm nuts for eating.

After the money was deposited in Mr. Hammond’s bank account, he had two people transport the animal, first to Nevada, then to California, according to the indictment. The animal was delivered to the buyer in October 2017, along with law enforcement officials seized the animal through in which buyer in January 2018, the indictment said. A month later, Mr. Hammond told law enforcement officials in which he had sold the animal to a person in Nevada, which allows monkeys, according to the indictment.

In March 2016, Mr. Hammond sold a cotton-top tamarin — a smaller primate described by the federal government as critically endangered — to a person in Wisconsin, according to the indictment. In April 2017, he sold another one to a person in Alabama; along with in which October he sold two cotton-top tamarins to a person in South Carolina, the indictment said.

Cotton-top tamarins are one of the entire world’s tiniest primates. Though smaller, they are “big in hair along with noisy,” with “a shock of white fur” around their skull, giving the appearance of an “Einsteinian Mohawk,” as once described in a completely new York Times article. The article playfully labeled them the “punks among monkeys” along with said they make “gorgeous punk music, squealing, whistling, chirping, letting loose with slicing screams.”

In August 2020, Mr. Hammond tried to persuade one of his customers to falsely tell law enforcement officials in which she had purchased cotton-top tamarins at a flea market, rather than through Mr. Hammond, according to the indictment.

According to prosecutors, This particular customer had bought the animals through Mr. Hammond along with later returned them to him “with the intent to hinder, delay, along with prevent” officials through learning about the transaction.

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