Fox News Suspends Jeanine Pirro For two main Weeks

The Fox News Channel has suspended Jeanine Pirro’s weekly program —Justice with Judge Jeanine — in response to the conservative host’s recent remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) use of a hijab, according to a report.

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter reported Sunday which Pirro’s show was suspended For two main weeks, noting which while she may be from the “penalty box,” she has not been fired by the network. Fox News aired a repeat episode of its documentary series Scandalous on Saturday instead of Justice with Judge Jeanine. When asked why Pirro might not appear on air, a Fox News spokesperson told Deadline the item might not comment on “internal scheduling matters.”

Pirro was met with criticism after appearing to suggest on her program earlier March which Omar wears a hijab in defiance of the Constitution. “Think about This kind of: She’s not getting This kind of anti-Israel sentiment doctrine by the Democrat Party. So if the item’s not rooted from the party, where will be she getting the item by?” Pirro said in her opening segment. “Think about the item. Omar wears a hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. will be her adherence to This kind of Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself will be antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Pirro’s remarks came in response to the freshman congresswoman’s most recent antisemitic outburst, in which she suggested pro-Israel organizations coerce lawmakers into pledging allegiance to a foreign country.

In a statement, Fox News condemned the host’s remarks, saying: “We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. They do not reflect those of the network in addition to we have addressed the matter with her directly.

Fox News released a separate statement by Pirro, who explained her remarks were in no way a suggestion which American Muslims could not be loyal to the country. “I’ve seen a lot of comments about my opening statement by Saturday night’s show in addition to I did not call Rep. Omar un-American. My intention was to ask a question in addition to start a debate, although of course because one will be Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution,” she said. “I invite Rep. Omar to come on my show any time to discuss all of the important issues facing America today.”

On Sunday, President Donald Trump urged Fox News to defend Pirro in addition to Tucker Carlson, who recently came under attack by Media Matters for America for years-old remarks he made to shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge.

“Keep fighting for Tucker, in addition to fight hard for @JudgeJeanine,” the president tweeted. “Your competitors are jealous – they all want what you’ve got – NUMBER ONE. Don’t hand the item to them on a silver platter. They can’t beat you, you can only beat yourselves!”

Source : Fox News Suspends Jeanine Pirro For two main Weeks