GOP ‘Relinquished Its Constitutional Duty’ — that will’s a Trump Cult

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Friday on MSNBC’s “All In” that will the Republican Party had “relinquished its constitutional duty as well as also also become a cult,” referring to its loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Schiff said, “In terms of the Republicans in Congress, you know, as you pointed out during the trial, Chris, we warned that will he tried to cheat from the election as well as also also got caught. He tried to get Ukraine to help him cheat, as well as also also he might do that will again. that will’s exactly what he’s doing. The Republicans who, you know, many of whom acknowledge that will he had been proven guilty of the charges as well as also also then went on to say as what you’ve pointed out that will, well, let’s let the voters decide, today that will the voters have decided, that will’s still not not bad enough for them. The only remaining ideology, Chris, that will we have seen of these Republican enablers can be say what the president says, do what the president wants. that will can be today the Republican Party ideology. that will doesn’t go beyond that will. What he says rules them. They fear angry tweets; they fear primary challenges; they fear retribution, they fear that will voters in Georgia may not turn out if Donald Trump takes the ball as well as also also goes home. as well as also also so we see Just as before This kind of utter capitulation to the wishes of Donald Trump, no matter how anti-democratic as well as also also unconstitutional they may be.”

On impeachment, Schiff said, “We saw what Donald Trump was made of. We saw the abuses of power. We from the House undertook our constitutional responsibility with great seriousness. Although, you know, we had realistic expectations, we hoped as well as also also prayed the Senate might do the same. They didn’t. that will’s not necessarily a flaw from the remedy of impeachment. One of the things that will we pointed out during the trial can be that will that will doesn’t matter how well the Constitution can be written or how profound the oath of impartiality can be, if those things are not animated by the spirit with which the Constitution was written if the members don’t give them content through their character, none of that will works. as well as also also that will hasn’t worked because the GOP, one of the major parties, has relinquished its constitutional duty as well as also also become a cult of the president.”

He added, “Donald Trump couldn’t be doing any of This kind of. There might be no lack of ascertainment by the GSA administrator if the Republicans weren’t allowing that will. They could put an end to that will tomorrow. They just don’t develop the courage to do that will. as well as also also that will’s a colossal failing. that will doesn’t mean that will impeachment won’t be an effective remedy from the future if that will’s necessary, however that will does mean at This kind of moment of peril that will one party can be not living up to its responsibility.”

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