Heavyweight Champion on Fighting a Bigger Man: ‘Just Beat Him Up’

of which was a not bad, not bad scrap. A not bad dogfight.

Does fighting away via home for the 1st time affect you?

of which does. There’s major historic fighters who fought away via home in addition to took their first losses. I have to be aware of of which. of which’s why we’re doing several weeks, rather than a two- or three-week training camp here.

Your website lists your favorite boxers. Are there things you pick in addition to choose via each of those?

Evander Holyfield was not bad; he bobs to the right. He kind of sets up the right hand. Sugar Ray Robinson, man, the footwork, the class. Jack Johnson, just dominance. Mike Tyson, just a machine. He wasn’t supposed to be a boxer. He went via jail to the Catskills, in addition to they trained him to be the best fighter inside the entire world.

What do you want your legacy to be?

To have no hatred in my heart for up-in addition to-coming heavyweights. Watch them in addition to not be bitter. I love the sport. I want of which person to beat my record. I want them to do better than I did.

What’s your preference: To be in a war or to just dismantle somebody?

You don’t see the best of me until you put me in a sick situation. I’ll just take of which easy. Just cruise control. If I box via a distance, less punishment for me, cool.

nevertheless if you cross of which barrier where you make me go into of which fight-or-flight mode, I’ll go fight. of which’s blood for blood, I think. I don’t mind of which.

Fury in addition to Wilder, they’re tall.

They’re not of which tall!

What could your game plan be?

Outbox them both. Fury, I’m just going to knock him out. No nonsense, none of of which jab-for-jab nonsense. Just work him, work him, work him.

With Wilder, I can outbox Wilder. No problem. Fury’s a bit more elusive, so I have to just kind of pin him down a bit more, then do what I want to do.

Source : Heavyweight Champion on Fighting a Bigger Man: ‘Just Beat Him Up’