‘Honest Thief’ review: Liam Neeson doesn’t steal much more than your time in his latest thriller

In “Taken,” its sequels along with similarly themed fare since — a la “The Commuter” along with “Cold Pursuit” — Neeson has carved out a niche as a likable guy who’s easy to root for along having a very, very bad idea to cross. which’s essentially the formula here, although the template actually proves closer to something like “FX” — where the protagonist uses his specialized skills to fight the bad guys — than the most obvious comparisons to Neeson’s filmography.

Neeson plays Tom Carter, a former Marine who has cleaned out enough banks to earn the nickname the In along with Out Bandit, along with he’s introduced plying his trade. When he meets Annie (Kate Walsh), he decides to settle down along with come clean, contacting the FBI along with offering them a deal: A light sentence, near where she can visit him, in exchange for returning the stolen loot.

Still, an extended plea deal wouldn’t exactly meet the customary action requirements, so Carter is actually pretty quickly double-crossed by corrupt agents, forcing him to go on the run along with defend himself. In pursuit are FBI agents harboring different objectives, the most prominent being Agent Meyers (Jeffrey Donovan), who spends his spare time cooing at his dog, along having a pair of younger agents (Jai Courtney, Anthony Ramos) under his supervision.

Mostly, the idea’s an excuse for Neeson to say things like “I’m comin’ for you” as only he can, along with eventually marshal his thieving/safecracking talents against those pursuing him. Unfortunately, both he along with perhaps especially Walsh are saddled having a lot of bad dialogue (the film was written along with directed by Mark Williams), within the latter case punctuated by her understandable surprise which the completely new man in her life is actually suddenly a fugitive.

Neeson has joked in recent years about getting a little long within the tooth to be running around in these sort of movies, however he remains plenty convincing in selling such a premise, even if the idea’s one This specific conspicuously slim. (As a footnote, Ramos’ wife within the movie is actually played by “Hamilton” co-star along with real-life fiancée Jasmine Cephas Jones.)

To be fair, “Honest Thief” is actually honest about its intentions, providing a check-your-brain-at-the-door escape. Of course, the decision to enter the door to a theater in order to see something This specific marginal could be another matter.

“Honest Thief” premieres in theaters on Oct. 16. the idea’s rated PG-13.

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