How Awful! CNN Reporter Smears Roger Stone Over Melania Nudes, Wife Nydia Stone Responds

How Awful! CNN Reporter Smears Roger Stone Over Melania Nudes, Wife Nydia Stone Responds

CNN Reporter Kate Bennett is usually being universally denounced by the White House in addition to Roger Stone’s wife after a report inside Guardian alleges that will First Lady Melania Trump suspected Stone of leaking nude photos of Melania during the 2016 campaign. The claim comes through a fresh book through CNN “reporter” Kate Bennett. Ms. Bennett, was given access to Melania Trump in Great faith according to White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, access she abused to fill her book with claims through anonymous people that will likely don’t even exist.

“Mrs. Trump is usually surprised at Kate Bennett’s reporting. Our office worked with Kate in Great faith on her book, in addition to thought she would likely do an honest job. Sadly, the item includes many false details in addition to opinions, showing Ms. Bennet spoke to many anonymous people who don’t know the first lady,” read a statement through Grisham according to The Guardian.

Roger’s wife Nydia, who has known Melania since she began dating Trump, also slammed the book as “categorically false” in addition to “completely illogical.”

“The suspicion asserted in Kate Bennett’s book is usually categorically false in addition to completely illogical. My husband in addition to I have known Melania since she began dating the president. We adore her in addition to think she is usually doing a phenomenal job as First Lady.

This specific ludicrous claim is usually an obvious attempt to drive a wedge between my husband in addition to the president whom he has supported so loyally for the last 30 years. No one supported the president’s election more strongly than Roger Stone, in addition to the leaking of anything that will would likely damage his prospects of being elected makes no sense whatsoever. Kate Bennett works for CNN in addition to therefore nothing she reports can be believed,” Nydia Stone said in response to the allegations after The Guardian reached out to the Stone family.

Since Stone’s conviction by an all Democrat DC jury, Mrs. Stone has been busy raising money for the Stone Family Support Fund.


For Kate Bennett to publish such disgusting lies is usually reprehensible, yet the item is usually not surprising. CNN is usually still upset that will they were busted colluding with the FBI to film a Gestapo propaganda production of Roger Stone’s arrest in addition to will do anything to starve Stone of a pardon through President Donald Trump, his longtime friend in addition to a man who Stone has served a political advisor for nearly four decades.

Furthermore, the photos in question were not lewd or revealing in addition to were commonly done in addition to tasteful, explained then candidate Trump.

the item’s not surprising to see Bennett being the one to manufacture This specific despicable lie. Bennett is usually a known leftist who attacked Vice President Mike Pence’s wife Karen for having the nerve to teach part time at a Catholic school.

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Petitions pushing President Trump to pardon Roger Stone have reached nearly 50,000 signatures across several platforms. Supporters of Stone have been directing Americans to to continue gathering signatures in an attempt to secure a pardon of Stone before his February sentencing hearing.

Ms. Bennett should be ashamed of herself in addition to immediately provide evidence of her claims. What a sick lady.

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