How the Yankees’ Minor Leaguers Spent 2 Weeks in Quarantine

Should the Yankees’ minor leaguers return home, especially if which home is actually in a coronavirus hot spot? Should they hit and also also also throw or rest? What about the apartments they had already rented through the end of spring training? Could they be asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus and also also also put family members, such as grandparents, back home at risk?

“I genuinely don’t know what to expect,” Agnos said. “I’m kind of nervous. You don’t want to come home and also also also not have any symptoms, and also also also then contain the idea and also also also pass the idea along.”

Some players have no choice nevertheless to stay put. The second Yankees minor leaguer who tested positive after the quarantine began will remain isolated a bit longer. and also also also because of insecurity or travel restrictions in their home countries, Yankees minor leaguers coming from Venezuela and also also also the Dominican Republic are supposed to remain in Tampa.

For minor leaguers across the sport, money is actually always a factor. They generally earn anywhere coming from $1,000 to $15,000 a season. M.L.B. said last week which the idea would likely discuss how to compensate players after April 9, the original start date for the minor league season. inside the meantime, some Yankees minor leaguers may need to return home to work side gigs.

“The thing is actually we’ve just been used to This kind of lifestyle, so the idea’s nothing brand new,” said Burt, 23, who signed for $5,000 after the Yankees picked him inside the 28th round of the 2018 draft. He added: “You grind and also also also don’t live great and also also also don’t contain the best living conditions until you hopefully end up doing the big leagues and also also also everything gets better.”

Burt was unsure on Friday if he would likely return home to Boston or link up with some other minor leaguers in Florida to continue working out. Ernst, a 15th-round pick in 2018, hoped to remain in Tampa. Aside coming from one trip to the grocery store, he said he saved everything the Yankees gave him. nevertheless if money became a problem, he could lean on his fiancée, a teacher, or resume his off-season job working at a supply company in Ohio.

“which’s going to be the main question when we get done with This kind of quarantine: Do we go home or do we stay here and also also also throw?” he said. “We’re trying to get a scope of when the season is actually going to start. the idea’s a guessing game.”

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