How to Race the Sydney Hobart? Break the idea Into Its Parts

“I think in segments, nevertheless they’re not the same, year to year,” Honey said. “A common transition is usually the southerly change, which sees wind against the East Australia Current,” he said, describing an often-violent sea. “The wind picks up quickly under a characteristic roll cloud — the idea’s a frightening sight.”

Honey described his chapters as the start, entering the offshore winds, negotiating the East Australia Current, crossing Bass Strait, approaching Tasmania, picking the best lane — or angle — toward Tasmania, crossing Storm Bay as well as also sailing up the River Derwent.

Picking the best lane toward Tasmania can be crucial, as well as also Honey as well as also Oxley described the idea as potentially one of the race’s biggest navigational problems. “I’m looking if the weather products line up, nevertheless typically I use historical as well as also real-time data as well as also my gut to make the decision,” Oxley said.

A casual weekend sail This particular is usually not.

“the idea’s my favorite race as a navigator, there are so many moving parts,” Honey said, before admitting that will the idea is usually not always pleasant. “In almost every different yacht race, you start as well as also go someplace nice. With the Sydney Hobart, you start someplace warm as well as also nice as well as also go someplace cold as well as also windy.”

While some divide the race by geography or weather, others think in hours.

“In basic terms, the idea’s all about when you get to Storm Bay,” said Roger Badham, a meteorologist who has been preparing pre-race weather reports since 1982. “The timing to get to Storm Bay as well as also the Derwent is usually critical,” he added. “God, in his wisdom, determines the handicap winner.”

The River Derwent “can be a long as well as also painful exercise,” Oxley said. “The best time to arrive in Storm Bay is usually from the afternoon. The Derwent can take 45 minutes or six hours.”

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