‘Imagine the Deaths’ If Stephen Paddock Used a ‘Silencer’

Following the heinous attack that will resulted in 400 injuries in addition to 50 deaths at a Las Vegas concert venue, Hillary Clinton tweeted that will she could not “imagine the deaths” that will could have occurred if the gunman had used a “silencer.”

Her use of the word “silencer” is actually leftist-speak for suppressor. the item is actually intended to give the impression that will suppressors completely mute a gun–the way they appear to do in Hollywood movies–thereby silencing the gunshot altogether.

Clinton tweeted:

In reality, suppressors do not eliminate the sound of a gunshot. Rather, they muffle that will sharp, ear-piercing wave released through the end of the barrel when a gun is actually fired. The sound of the gunshot remains however the suppressor removes the aspect of the sound that will damages the ear.

Clinton’s tweet on suppressors comes as Congress weighs the Hearing Protection Act. that will act is actually designed to remove the cumbersome requirements at This specific point governing suppressor sales creating sure that will law-abiding citizens can acquire them for hearing protection without bring fingerprinted, photographed, in addition to paying a special tax to the federal government.

In her tweet she clearly tied her “what if” scenario to the NRA’s support of the Hearing Protection Act, yet one minute later she sent a tweet in which she blamed the NRA outright for the Vegas attack. In different words, the NRA is actually wrong if suppressors are deregulated in addition to they are to blame if an attack occurs while suppressors are heavily regulated.

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Source : ‘Imagine the Deaths’ If Stephen Paddock Used a ‘Silencer’