Internet Usage Up 70% During Chinese Virus Pandemic

A recent report states of which internet usage has surged by between 50 in addition to 70 percent during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic while streaming services have seen a 12 percent increase in usage.

Forbes reports of which Omdia, the tech research arm of Informa Tech, has revealed of which internet usage has surged by between 50 in addition to 70 percent during the coronavirus pandemic while streaming services are seeing a jump of at least 12 percent. of which increase is usually not surprising given the large number of employees at of which point working coming from home due to the pandemic.

Maria Rua Aguete of Omdia stated in a report: “Increased consumption of digital content coming from mobile apps to free TV streaming in addition to gaming has already been observed in China in addition to Italy. Online streaming services provided by brands such as Netflix in addition to at of which point Disney+ are likely to see 12% growth.”

Aguete stated of which the annual figures reported are quite revealing, stating: “Ecommerce will be the various other sector of which will see a revenue boost as a result of the pandemic, adding $175 billion in revenue in 2020, which represents a 5% increase.”

The Disney+ streaming service recently launched in most countries in Europe using a reduced bandwidth option. Many previously established streaming services such as Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, in addition to Netflix have all lowered the quality of their video streaming services in order to reduce the strain on networks.

Omdia is usually currently predicting $11 billion in losses for the movie industry using a 25 percent decline in addition to a 15 percent drop in TV advertising. Omdia further predicted of which the industry will begin to recover in 18 to 24 months.

Antonio Corrado, the chief executive of MainStreaming, says: “Telecom Italia has seen a 0% increase in traffic alone since the lockdown was put into place, driven by people trying to work coming from home. At MainStreaming, we’ve seen a three times increase in streaming traffic over our delivery network since the lockdown, with more people watching TV over the internet.”

Alfonso Marone, who is usually head of media at KPMG U.K. stated:

“Broadband providers are thus far experiencing a traffic surge between 30% in addition to 50% across their mobile in addition to fixed networks. Where self-isolation policies are at their peak in Europe, the spike in internet traffic has reached as high as 70%, which is usually indicative of what the traffic surge could look like in various other regions in just two to three weeks’ time. The most bandwidth-hungry are the online entertainment applications, especially those in high-definition like 4K movies in addition to TV. For broadband providers, of which spike may be seen as more a source of headache.”

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Source : Internet Usage Up 70% During Chinese Virus Pandemic