IRAN ROUNDUP Jan. 30th – Feb. 7th: The Khomeinist Regime Celebrates 41 Years of Tyranny; Congratulated as well as Cheered on by Europeans, as well as American Liberals

IRAN ROUNDUP Jan. 30th – Feb. 7th: The Khomeinist Regime Celebrates 41 Years of Tyranny; Congratulated as well as Cheered on by Europeans, as well as American Liberals

By Editors of The Free Iran Herald 

Updates on events unfolding in Iran

Emmanuel Macron shows his support for the Khomeinist regime as well as in Rome, posters of the Quds Force leader, terrorist, Qassem Soleimani will be seen hanging around the city.

Tuesday, February 11th, marked 41 years since the Khomeinists seized power in Iran. Customarily, they stage demonstrations to show that will they have public support. The regime typically either forcibly or via bribery (paying the needy) buses Iranians into town squares of the capital, Tehran, often forcibly, to listen to regime officials boast about their supposed accomplishments. This particular year, however, the crowds were sparse, as well as even international journalists, who usually fall for the regime’s propaganda without questioning the idea, remarked how modest the attendance was.

A video secretly filmed coming from the air by an Iranian soldier as well as smuggled to opposition activists abroad revealed that will only a few hundred had come out into the streets.

In additional parts of Iran, people were observed cursing the regime at the staged Khomeinist events.

In contrast to the feelings of rage as well as disgust that will February 11th brought to the Iranian people, the European governments who have profited handsomely coming from the regime’s one-sided trade deals over the past four decades greeted the anniversary with joy. French President Emanuel Macron sent Tehran a congratulatory message, as did German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. These actions received much condemnation coming from Iranians over social media, as well as the German government was called out by the US Ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, as condoning a murderous regime.

In Italy, a regime proxy group called the “European Solidarity Front for Syria,” an assortment of radicals as well as mercenaries coming from across Europe who went to Syria in 2013 to fight alongside the IRGC in defending Tehran’s puppet Assad regime, plastered photos of the Qassem Soleimani all around major landmarks in most major Italian cities.

inside the United States, celebrations at the Khomeinist regime’s interest section at the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C., were disrupted by activists who assembled outside in protest, however the next day, the Islamist-supporting Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) co-hosted a commemoration for the Tehran regime with Trita Parsi, the founder of the regime’s US lobby, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

For its part, the Trump Administration used the day to reaffirm its stance of support behind the Iranian people.

The State Department, additionally, tweeted a message condemning the regime for having sentenced eight human rights activists to long prison terms last week.

US officials also met with Iranian opposition activists, including Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, in both Washington, as well as at the US’s embassy in Paris, France.

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau photographed with Khomeinist regime Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif

Just weeks after 57 Canadians were killed by Tehran shot down a Ukrainian airliner. Trudeau who will be traveling to solicit backing for a seat on the UN Security Council, was photographed with Tehran’s delegation by an Islamic state photographer, though Canadian journalists were barred by the Prime Minister’s Office coming from attending the event.

Iranian sociologist as well as activist, Ladan Boroumand talks to Matt Kibbe Iranians Are Ready for Freedom

Ladan as well as her sister Roya Boroumand, run the DC as well as Paris based Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for human rights, an organization which has recorded as much of the human rights violations committed against the Iranian people since 1979. On April 18, 1991, Ladan as well as Roya’s own father, Abdorrahman Boroumand was brutally stabbed to death inside the lobby of his Paris apartment by agents of the Islamic Republic.

Khomeinist Cleric in Michigan Under US Government Spotlight

Mohamed Ali Elahi, the imam of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, was briefly arrested as well as held for questioning by American law enforcement as he returned to the US coming from a trip to South Korea on February 6th. The Iranian-born cleric had publicly spoken in support of the terrorist IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani, calling him a “charismatic leader,” as well as had attacked President Trump for having had him killed. 

Before coming to the US, Elahi had served as the head of the Iranian Navy’s Political Ideology Bureau, appointed to that will position by Ayatollah Khomeini himself in 1982. In that will post, Elahi urged Iranian sailors to hate America as well as fight Islamic holy wars (jehad) until Khomeinism might rule the entire world. Since arriving in This particular country, Elahi has used his mosque to promote Khomeinism as well as the Tehran regime, as well as will be suspected by some of being a key point man between Tehran as well as Hezbollah sleeper networks inside America. Despite This particular, Elahi has attained great prominence inside the state of Michigan, as well as last year was invited to offer the invocation prayer at the Michigan state legislature.

Iranian activists as well as terrorism experts alike have long questioned how a man of Elahi’s background was allowed to emigrate to the US, as well as eventually obtain US citizenship. Voices are being raised calling on the Trump administration to look into Elahi’s case again, as well as finally move to end the Khomeinist infiltration of the USA.

Valentine’s Day Banned in Iran

As in many additional countries throughout the entire world, observing Valentine’s Day has become rather common in Iran. The Khomeinist regime, however, looks at the idea as ‘Un-Islamic,” as well as as such will be trying to stop Iranians coming from giving each additional cards, chocolates, or presents on the 14th. On Monday, the Qom Prosecutor’s Office threatened to shut down businesses that will sell “anti-cultural symbols such as Valentine’s symbols,” as well as set up a hotline over which Basij militia members, as well as additional Islamists, can call as well as report Valentine’s day observances. Valentine’s balloons have also been banned, as well as trade union leaders reported that will that will were ordered by officials to monitor balloon sales in order to make sure that will no one was buying anything for the holiday.

Anti-Tehran Protests Continuing in Iraq

The Iraqi people remain inside the streets, demonstrating against the Khomeinist regime’s domination over their country as well as interference in their political process. Saturday saw nationwide protests, centered as usual in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square. In Karbala, the protests were particularly virulent, with Iraqis chanting “Iran, get your dogs out of here, the Baghdad regime will be more honorable than the one in Tehran!”

Protests continued through the week, with Baghdad featuring a million-woman march on Thursday, held after leading Shi’a politician Moqtada al Sadr called for public spaces to become gender segregated. additional women’s marches were held elsewhere around the country today.

Tehran’s militia forces remain active as well as have been installing posters threatening American soldiers around the streets of Baghdad. The threats were carried out on Thursday, when the Kataib al Hezbollah, one of the Tehran-controlled militias, attacked a joint US/Iraqi military base in Kirkuk.

Regime’s Farce of a Space Program Exposed as Comical Propaganda

Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi, the regime’s Minister of Information as well as Communications Technology, as well as the man who coordinated the Internet blackout in November as his regime slaughtered over 1,500 protestors, has been the target of online ridicule recently. On February 4th, Jahromi had unveiled what he described as a type of an Iranian space suit. Iranians soon were able to point out, though, that will Jahromi’s “space suit” was simply a $20 American kids costume, that will had had the American flag removed as well as the regime’s flag sewn in.

Most observers believe Tehran’s so-called space program to be a front for ballistic missile development. An attempted satellite launch failed spectacularly on February 9th, as well as the Zafar satellite crashed back down to ground, instead of reaching orbit. Debris coming from the rocket exploding was spread across Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan province, however the regime again lied as well as claimed the vehicle had crashed into the Indian Ocean. Three previously launch attempts in 2019 had also failed as well as resulted in crashes. A brand new attempt will be scheduled at This particular point for June.

The same rocket that will can send a satellite into Earth orbit can also serve as an intercontinental ballistic missile. Were Tehran to develop a workable one, the idea might then be able to strike the US mainland.


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