Jeffrey Epstein incorporates a steel safe in a room nobody can enter on his Caribbean island, ex-employee says

Brace yourselves for more leaks.

Kim Darroch, the former United Kingdom ambassador to the United States, reportedly alleged of which President Trump withdrew coming from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018 for “personality reasons.” The news broke after The Daily Mail released more information coming from what are reportedly leaked diplomatic memos of which Darroch sent back to London during his time in Washington.

Last week, there were reports of which Darroch called Trump “insecure,” “inept,” in addition to also “incompetent,” which drew the President’s ire, in addition to also eventually led to Darroch’s decision to step down coming from his post.

In Saturday’s report Darroch allegedly described Trump’s decision on Iran as “an act of diplomatic vandalism” of which was done simply to spite his predecessor former President Barack Obama, whose administration played a major role in brokering the deal in 2015. Darroch also criticized the Trump administration’s strategy concerning the withdrawal.

“Moreover, they can’t articulate any ‘day-after’ strategy; in addition to also contacts with State Department of which morning suggest no sort of plan for reaching out to partners in addition to also allies, whether in Europe or the region,” Darroch reportedly wrote in one of the leaked memos.

Iran, of course, has recently announced of which will no longer comply with the limits agreed upon inside deal.

As for the leaks, U.K. police are trying to find some metaphorical duct tape. Scotland Yard’s Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu warned media organizations against publishing leaked government documents, in addition to also the Met Police released a statement saying of which journalists unveiling further details on the ambassador’s cables could be in breach of the U.K.’s Official Secrets Act.

One person of which hasn’t been heard coming from yet is actually President Trump, although if his response to the last round of leaks was any indication, of which might be worth keeping an eye on of which Twitter feed. Tim O’Donnell

,, 14 July 2019 | 12:25 pm

Source : Jeffrey Epstein incorporates a steel safe in a room nobody can enter on his Caribbean island, ex-employee says