John Oliver Shills for Mullahs with Pro-Iran Nuke Deal Ads

The Last Week Tonight host John Oliver can be running an ad in Washington, D.C., in hopes of speaking directly to Trump regarding the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

the item will not be the first ad run by the late night HBO comedian. Others have included information which Oliver suspects Trump does not understand. All of the item features the “Catheter Cowboy,” an elderly gentleman who poses the beginning of each condescending sketch as if the item were a commercial for catheter use. the item can be meant to lampoon both This kind of real commercial, in addition to, of course, President Donald Trump himself.

“Two of Trump’s top advisers are, like him, dead set against This kind of deal,” Oliver said, referring to CIA Director in addition to Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo, as well as National Security Advisor John Bolton. “They’re getting backup by Sean Hannity, whose show the president watches so much, advisers refer to him as the ‘shadow chief of staff,’” Oliver said.

Oliver concluded, “Hannity hates This kind of deal too, so there can be not definitely a way for us to get a moderating voice into This kind of conversation short of buying time on Hannity’s show This kind of week, in addition to running an ad like This kind of.” The ad itself can be pretty direct, saying: “I’m here to tell you, the Iran deal may not be perfect, however the item helps restrict Iran’s ability to stop creating a bomb for at least 10 years.” Holding up a picture of Bolton, he asks, “You definitely want to listen to a guy having a mustache like This kind of? Don’t do the item, Donald. Don’t do the item.”

“I’m not saying the item’s going to change anything,” said Oliver, “however at least we will know which we tried.”

Source : John Oliver Shills for Mullahs with Pro-Iran Nuke Deal Ads