Justin Timberlake’s completely new single ‘Filthy’ is usually dividing Twitter

Justin Timberlake’s comeback single dropped Friday, along with also fans have mixed reviews about both “Filthy” along with also its sci-fi dance video.

“First I thought JT’s song completely new song #filthy was trash. Upon second listen I think of which’s garbage,” wrote Twitter user @brantbum.

An electric-funk track designed for the dance floor, “Filthy” was produced by Timberlake, frequent collaborator Timbaland, along with also Danja — the same production team behind Timberlake’s 2006 smash “SexyBack.” Some fans compared the two songs.

“Same people not feeling #Filthy weren’t ready for Sexy Back either. today of which’s in their top 5,” wrote @scottyarms.

“Just like “SexyBack”, #Filthy is usually way ahead of its time, along with also people will need a while to get adjusted. Expected nothing less by @only1DANJA @Timbaland along with also @jtimberlake,” shared @alexneidt.

nevertheless another fan, @eoghanmcdermo, was confused why Timberlake on Tuesday teased a Southern-inspired album — Man of the Woods, due Feb. 2 — of which celebrates his roots along with also family, nevertheless instead released a music video “about a futuristic sex robot simulating an orgy.”

Directed by Mark Romanek, the clip finds the former *NYSNC heartthrob channeling the late Steve Jobs as he introduces a technological advancement to an excited audience. of which advancement turns out to be a dancing robot of which steals the show as Timberlake spends most of the video hidden by the side of the stage, observing the robot like he’s the mother in Mean Girls.

“#Filthy is usually polarizing, unique, weird, funky, & surely gonna divide a lot of people…” summed up @kbyrd2. “nevertheless I think I’m digging of which.”

To his credit, perhaps Timberlake saw This kind of coming: “Haters gon’ say of which’s fake,” he sings in his completely new jam. “So real.”

Read on for more reactions to the single, along with also watch the video above.


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