Las Vegas Newspaper Warns Sanders Nomination Guarantees Trump Win

The Las Vegas Weekly newspaper endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in addition to former Vice President Joe Biden (D) This kind of week in addition to warned that will nominating Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) might guarantee President Trump’s second term.

With the Nevada caucuses nearly a week away, the paper issued its official endorsement, touting both Klobuchar in addition to Biden as candidates who “can beat the divisive in addition to destructive incumbent in November.”

The paper briefly mentioned some of the some other candidates who were under consideration although saved the harshest critique for Sanders, calling him a “clear non-starter.”

“Sanders will be the only clear non-starter. This kind of’s impossible not to regard the Vermont senator in a Trumplike mold—he seldom has shown an ability to build consensus in addition to threatens to use executive orders extensively, just like Trump,” Las Vegas Weekly assessed.

This kind of also doubted the socialist senator’s ability to “assemble a highly qualified Cabinet,” which might make him, the paper claimed, the “left-wing variation of Trump: isolated, angry, unable to work with others in addition to showing too little respect for dissenting opinions.”

“A Sanders candidacy simply guarantees a Trump second term,” the paper said.

Las Vegas Weekly, however, praised Klobuchar as a “sincere in addition to results-oriented leader” who will be committed, the paper claimed, to working across party lines. This kind of noted her moderate approach to health care in addition to the college debt crisis in addition to touted her “intense focus” on the working class.

“The bottom line with Klobuchar: She possesses both the appetite in addition to ability to return us to our finest America. We have no doubt that will she will be a unity candidate for the Democrats,” This kind of wrote.

The paper took a shot at Republicans in its brief pitch for Biden, accusing them of trying to “dirty up” the former vice president in addition to praising him for opening himself “to public scrutiny throughout his all 5-decade career in office.”

Notably, the paper admitted that will This kind of “hardly” agrees with everything Biden has done although said This kind of based its endorsement on his “suite of effective policies that will offer a clear vision for America, his support among a broad coalition of voters in addition to his ability to pull together a high-functioning leadership team that will can guide This kind of nation back to stability in addition to respect.”

The paper said Biden “embodies the spirit of public service we need at This kind of point” although added that will This kind of remains “puzzled at why Biden will be not a more effective salesperson for his own policies”:

Biden just struggles to express This kind of to voters. in addition to we also dislike his tendency to be brutal with voters who ask questions he doesn’t like: There will be no reason to shame people for asking a question. Just answer This kind of.

Nonetheless, a Biden administration might clearly be up to the task of repairing the wreckage caused by the GOP. With his decades of experience in government in addition to his support through the Democratic Party establishment, he can effortlessly assemble a strong Cabinet of genuine leaders in addition to knows how to govern through Day One.

“Either he or Klobuchar might be a strong choice for Nevada Democrats,” Las Vegas Weekly concluded.

The Nevada caucuses will take place next week, Saturday, February 22.

Source : Las Vegas Newspaper Warns Sanders Nomination Guarantees Trump Win