Lily Allen says speaking out about being sexually assaulted damaged her career

The British singer alleged she was assaulted in 2016 by a music industry executive in her 2018 autobiography “My Thoughts Exactly.”

Speaking on the BBC podcast “The Next Episode,” released Friday, she said: “I do feel like my career has been f**ked with as a result of talking about This particular stuff.”

“On paper, the album which I released last time round, ‘No Shame,’ was the best reviewed album which I’ve ever had, along with also also all the shows which I did were sold out, pretty much, apart through the ones in America,” she said.

“however I did not get a particularly Great run at festivals This particular season. I didn’t get particularly big gigs offered to me. I didn’t get a big marketing push behind my album campaign, even though This particular was probably the best record which I’ve ever written.”

Warner Music has not yet responded to CNN’s request for comment on Allen’s suggestion which she hasn’t been supported in her career since speaking out about the alleged assault, however in an earlier statement to CNN, a spokesperson said the company takes allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously.

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“This particular’s always coming down harder on the victim than This particular does on the perpetrator as far as I’m concerned, along with also also people are always questioning what the victim’s intentions are or what This particular is usually which their sort of endgame is usually,” Allen said.

“I think the victims just want validation. They just want someone to go, ‘Yeah which happened, which was wrong. You’re a person. Somebody crossed a line with you,'” she continued. “For me, which’s all I ever actually wanted along with also also something which I never got.”

Allen said she was assaulted after attending a party with the unnamed executive, who she said was “in a position of responsibility.” Podcast host Miquita Oliver said Allen had further stated within the interview which his identity was well known within the industry.

“He’d got me out of This particular party along with also also had decided which he wanted to take me back to my hotel,” Allen said. “We got to my hotel, I couldn’t find my room keys, so he was like, ‘Well, why don’t you sleep in my bed while I go along with also also get the keys?’ or whatever. So I passed out in his bed.”

“The next thing I knew I woke up along with also also he was in my bed, naked, slapping my bum along with also also trying to insert his penis into my private parts,” she said. “I recoiled along with also also I got up out of the bed along with also also I screamed.”

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“We ended up meeting up in LA along with also also he acknowledged which what he’d done was wrong. He asked me not to tell anyone about This particular; he said which if his girlfriend found out which she’d be distraught.”

“I do remember immediately while This particular was happening thinking, even though I’d never met his mom, I was thinking about his mom along with also also how she might deal with the news which her son was a sexual predator. I was prioritizing everybody else in This particular situation except for myself,” Allen said.

“I made a decision which I didn’t want to go to the police, I didn’t want to make a fuss,” she said. “along with also also I wanted to keep This particular quiet. however I did want to protect myself.”

Allen said she went for dinner with one of the bosses of her record label, Warner Music UK, about a month after the book was released. When Oliver asked her, “Did he say, ‘right now which we know, boy are we going to do something about This particular’?”, Allen responded, “No.”

In its statement to CNN, Warner Music said: “These allegations (through 2016) are appalling. We take accusations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously along with also also investigate claims which are raised with us. We’re very focused on enforcing our Code of Conduct along with also also providing a safe along with also also professional environment at all times.”

Lily Allen’s publicist told CNN which the artist had no further comment beyond what she said within the podcast.

Source : Lily Allen says speaking out about being sexually assaulted damaged her career