Live coverage through the House of Representatives

 Drew Angerer/Getty Images
 Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A source familiar with the matter says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not weigh in publicly until the House has officially impeached the President.

As CNN’s Manu Raju along with Jeff Zeleny have noted, Senate Republicans are within the dark about what will happen next. The expectation is actually McConnell will send a message to his conference once the House vote is actually complete laying out the potential timeline.

McConnell is actually facing a delicate balance – many his GOP colleagues have made clear they oppose impeachment along with the Kentucky Republican famously loathes anything which divides his conference.

however the source says McConnell is actually also keenly aware of the moment in history – along with the moment for the Republican Party. On the latter issue, the Kentucky Republican knows Trump remains very common with his base, however is actually at by far his weakest point.

There’s also nothing left Trump can deliver for McConnell, who largely kept any criticism of Trump to himself the last four years as he pursued career ambitions in terms of overhauling the federal judiciary.

Some context: McConnell’s shift against Trump has been apparent for those watching him closely. He cut off contact with Trump weeks ago along with has made clear he has no plans ever to speak to him again.

He carefully crafted his Senate floor remarks on Jan. 6 lambasting the efforts not only of Trump, however also of members of his own conference to push objections to President-elect Biden’s electoral victory.

He did the same when the Senate returned to session after the attack on the Capitol.

His anger over not only what transpired, however Trump’s lack of contrition, led him almost immediately to the conclusion on Trump’s culpability, the source said.

What happens next in terms of the timeline of a trial, as we’ve reported, is actually still unclear. however make no mistake about where McConnell is actually positioning himself here. This particular’s not subtle.  

Source : Live coverage through the House of Representatives