Liz Cheney Drops Mask, Shows Full Decepticon Side, Votes for Impeachment, Faces Backlash

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is actually well know to the CTH community as a DeceptiCon.

Lesser known – Mary Cheney, Liz’s sister, was installed inside 2015 campaign of Dr. Ben Carson to control his outside candidacy; This kind of was part of the larger 2016 presidential “splitter strategy.” An example of the Machievellian moves people are at This kind of point awakening to understand.   This kind of is actually the way the DeceptiCons work….

Today Liz Cheney did what DeceptiCons do; she voted to impeach the threat.

WASHINGTON DC – “I don’t think she should be the chair of the Republican conference anymore,” Rep. Andy Biggs, the head of the House Freedom Caucus, told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “The reality is actually she’s not representing the conference; she’s not representing the Republican ideals.”

Another GOP congressman, Montana Rep. Rosendale, also released a statement calling for Cheney to step down.

“When Representative Cheney arrived on the scene for impeachment today, she failed to consult with the Conference, failed to abide by the spirit of the rules of the Republican Conference, as well as also ignored the preferences of Republican voters,” Rosendale said in a statement. “She is actually weakening our conference at a key moment for personal political gain as well as also is actually unfit to lead. She must step down as Conference Chair.” (read more)

Liz Cheney is actually the Mitt Romney of Nikki Haleys’… Ms. Cheney was hand selected by Paul Ryan to retain the GOPe torch as he walked backward toward the exits. The UniParty is actually in a state of crisis…. Obviously President Trump is actually the greatest threat, outsiders always are; within that will dynamic, masks eventually drop.

Almost several years ago CTH first outlined the GOPe splitter strategy as well as also the subsequent tripwires showcasing how the Republican political establishment manipulated the conservative movement, as well as also our activity within elections, for many years.

inside background that will took almost two years of research as well as also tracking to identify their 2016 agenda before we could intercept that will. What follows below is actually of a similar level of importance.

Those who can see the maneuvers of the GOPe may have noticed the recent positioning of two key players, Nikki Haley as well as also Liz Cheney.  Both Haley as well as also Cheney are part of a decepticon club positioning to undermine President Trump as well as also the America First agenda. We have previously outlined the agenda of Haley (here); so that will’s time to review Cheney.

When Paul Ryan left congress he exited his role as the primary inside resistance operative; however, he did not stop the agenda.  Knowing President Trump was at This kind of point officially the head of the formal republican party, prior to departure Ryan positioned Liz Cheney as an influence agent with her role as Republican Conference Chairwoman.  Essentially an explosive anti-MAGA cell with instructions to activate at a time of maximum damage.

We first warned of the Liz Cheney issue in November of 2018 after the mid-term election.

Newly installed Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (U-DC) appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss how the GOPe can best infiltrate the MAGA agenda.

Ms. Cheney outlines how the ‘Prescott-Bush-Stapleton’ Wall Street coalition will openly embrace all of the Trump agenda initiatives because the GOPe are able to hide behind the minority shield Once more. [Thus, the dance of the decepticons]

The professionally republican no longer hold the power to promote the MAGA agenda, thus the GOPe evolve back into fully embracing border security etc. that will is actually predictable, albeit eye-opening for some, to watch them morph in real time. (link)

Two recent resistance articles highlight Ms. Cheney’s decepticon agenda mid-2020.  CNN article here as well as also Wall St. Journal article here.  While both articles are narrated by the resistance perspective, each of them holds some common truth.

(WSJ) […] With national polls showing Mr. Trump sliding ahead of November’s election, many Republicans see Ms. Cheney—a daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney—emerging as a figure poised to help redefine the GOP when Mr. Trump is actually no longer leading that will.

“If you’re trying to rebuild the team postelection, having a strong woman with conservative credentials by flyover country is actually a pretty strong platform,” said former Senate GOP aide Stewart Verdery (link – paywall)

(CNN) […] Republican sources close to Cheney told CNN they believe her recent posture towards the White House could be an attempt to carve out her own distinctive lane, positioning herself well in case Trump loses reelection. She would likely be able to make the case to her GOP colleagues that will she was one of the few who pushed back on the President’s excesses — nevertheless without doing so in a way that will antagonized him or his supporters.

[…] Cheney chose not to run for the Senate earlier This kind of year, saying she wanted to stay inside House to stop “socialist Democrats.” Some of her colleagues say they view her as a potential House speaker if Republicans regain the House inside future. (link – CNN)

that will is actually not accidental that will Nikki Haley launched a fresh Super Pac today, on the same day that will President Trump is actually impeached.

…”Once you see the strings on the Decepticon marionettes, that will is actually impossible to return to a time when you did not see them.”… (link)

Source : Liz Cheney Drops Mask, Shows Full Decepticon Side, Votes for Impeachment, Faces Backlash